Monday, June 11, 2007

Moments of Brilliance...

That is how one of my choir directors used to describe some of our performances..."Well," He'd say, "there were definetly some moments of brilliance." Obviously the piece was not perfect and he could've said something along the lines of "You floundered around for most of it but it was okay." Thankfully he went with the whole moments of brilliance addage and I shall be forever grateful for that, as I think it aptly describes my parenting abilities. I definetly don't get it right every time but man, look out for those moments of brilliance!! Like making a fort for something new to do, or singing about everything (Sean really enjoys the singing, pulls him out of a bad mood just about every time) or setting aside the housework to take time to play with Sean...These are my moments of brilliance. Thank you, Dr. Summerby-Murray for that one!!

Sean is just going full steam ahead with his vocabulary! It really astounds me how much he knows. He knows his Grammie and can point her out in the photo album. He repeats pretty near anything I say. (so you know I have to be extra careful with what I say around him) If something is bothering me or Sean has thrown yet another handful of peas on the floor, I'll usually let out a sigh and say "mercy." So today Sean said it too except his sounds more like moosey. Pretty cute. And friends, he's starting to get a pretty good handle on your names too! Except for Brian, he just keeps going back to Bonnie or Abby for that one. Not really sure why he does that but I'm sure he'll get it one day...eventually.

Ooooohhh and I'm sure you'll love to know that the boy can throw some pretty impressive temper tantrums. Especially when he's playing with toys and you decide it's time to do something different. Look out for flailing feet and loud high pitched screams!! Yipes!

Still, tantrums aside he is one very happy little boy. As Auntie Linda might say, he is a very passionate little fella!

It actually seemed like he put his hand on my lap for the photo op! How cute is that?!


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mary e said...

I knew it was Rob before I even read that far! I'd forgotten all about that - must start using it.

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

Rob would be Dr.Summerby-Murray's first name, in case any were wondering. Hope that helps anonymous. :)