Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summertime Fun!

Well, finally the good weather has come to PEI!! And we are taking full advantage of it! On Tuesday Sean and I joined Abby and Bonnie on a fun little excursion to Woodleigh Replicas. It's a pretty neat place if you ever get to visit the Island. Sean and Abby had a hoot wandering around and looking at all the different buildings that were pretty much their size! I think some of Sean's favourite things were: The old Rolls Royce, the water fall, the mystical blue orb and the teeter totter at the playground!

Today was another fun filled day. Jennie came and spent the day with us. In the morning the three of us headed out Stanhope way and hit one of the trails out there. Sean enjoyed, nay, insisted on pushing his own stroller, thank you very much, for most of the way. The trail we picked had a wonderful reward of a bubbling spring to stop at and toss rocks into. This, Sean loved with all his toddler being!

In the afternoon Abby came over and we decided to take the tots to the backyard and let them splash and play in the kiddie pool. I thought this would be a pretty easy task. Step one, get kids ready; step two, get them to the backyard; step three, uncover pool; step four, clean pool off with hose; step five, fill pool and finally step six, let the kiddies have at it. This just wasn't so for today's little adventure. Everything went well up until step four as their was no hose and what's more there was no tap...there was a place where a tap should have been but just no tap. So while Jennie entertained the kids I ran up and down the stairs on my own little bucket much fun!! In the end just Sean got in on the water action, Abby was much more content to sit on either Jennie or my lap and sing her own little songs.

After Abby left, Jennie, Sean and I headed to the park for some more fun. Sean played on the teeter totter with Jennie, went down the twisty slide and ran around. Yep, we totally tuckered out this little guy. I tell you, it didn't take much to get him to sleep tonight!

Just waiting for Bonnie and Abby.

"Don't the castles make everything romantic?"


The mystical blue orb of wacking goodness.

"Mommy, I'm just going to touch the water with my finger...K?" Not long after he got his foot in there!

"Jennie, you can let go, I've got this covered!"

Good times at the spring.

Sean's favourite trick in the pool: head dunking.

What fashion finesse my son has. He is wearing merely one powder blue crock with the ever so stylish Tigger swimmers and finishing off the look is Abby's pink spring bonnet.

Loving the teeter totter.

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Sarah said...

So cute, we have also been enjoying the sunshine at the beach and on a blanket in the shade.