Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sean and His Ice Cream

This has got to be my all time favourite picture of Sean. Such a cutie!

What a Great Weekend!!

It was a hot weekend but a very enjoyable one!

Saturday morning we went to Orwell Corner for some old timey fun. It is a historic village with lots to see and do. Sean was particularly enamoured with the animals but he also enjoyed the blacksmith demonstration and making home made ice cream. I also got to make a home made candle and we enjoyed a family picnic under the shade of many trees. We left around 11 in the morning and didn't leave till 5 that evening. Sean had been up since 6:30, you'd think that at some point he would have gotten cranky or fallen asleep for a nap but he didn't. He was a super little guy who just loved everything that was going on. He was great at the blacksmith demonstration and had a great time helping out.

Here are the pics from Orwell Corner:

Our first stop was the church where we sang a rousing rendition of the Little Brown Church while Sean ran gleefuly beside the pews.

Our next stop was the school where Sean proved he was an excellent student.

Because just like that he was not only at the head of his class, he had become the teacher!!

Sean keeping the fire hot with help from Auntie Linda.

Chicken chasing time...Sean really enjoyed this part of the visit.

After all that activity it was time for a 2 second power nap.

"Okay, I'm starved. What's for supper?!!"

Daddy cooling Sean off at the water pump.

"Grammy, have I told you lately that I love you?!"

Today my family came over and we had a delightful if somewhat short visit. Although it isn't Christmas time or Sean's birthday, Sean got 3 wonderful gifts from his Grampa and Gramma and Auntie Karina. He got a lovely blue ball from Gramma, a farm animal book from Auntie Karina and a Diego Tough Trike from Grampa. The trike took some assembling that I was more than thrilled to do. I love putting stuff like that together. I remember coming home from a baby shower and putting together Sean's swing, high chair and his exersaucser all in one night...It was great fun! And so was this, it didn't take any time at all to put together and Sean was quite pleased with the result. He also had a great time tossing the ball to everyone and he actually caught it a few times himself!! We were all quite impressed. He and Grampa spent some time looking at his new book too. Marko and I were a little concerned that Sean would be a little cranky after his extra busy day yesterday but our concerns were unfounded. He was in great spirits and ready for a day full of fun.

After my folks left and Sean had a nap we headed outside for some fun in the backyard and the pool. A great ending for a wonderful weekend.

Grampa and Sean checking out his new book.

Sean on his new trike.

"You know cow, there's nothing better to be in this world than to be a Grampa."

One of Sean's favourite games is to hide under the blanket and then call people to join him. He'll sit there and say, "Grammie In! Grammie In!" and so on until everyone was under the blanket. Good times!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Heat is On

So finally the heat has been turned on full blast here on the Island!! And it is stinking hot out these days! And this is when I am ever so thankful to be living in a cool basement apartment.

Other things I enjoy on a hot summer's day, lying in the hammock with my son just talking about the day and what we see around us. It's amazing how long he'll just sit with me and rock and just be happy looking around. Also it is plenty of fun to watch Sean enjoy playing in his little pool!! His favourite game is to fill a bucket full of water and see who he can soak first!

Another fun thing is the beach, Marko and I went for our date night on Wednesday and had a lovely little picnic on the beach. See below for two little pics.
Pregnancy update: It figures that after I write that post about the morning sickness it all but goes away! But I'm not complaining...anymore. Also I bought my first piece of maternity wear for this pregnancy!! And would you believe that I only spent like 59 cents on it!! I was super excited about that! Here's to Clearence days and left over gift cards! Funniest part is I'm still a ways off from needing anything in the way of maternity clothes. Again, not complaining about that, the longer I can last in regular clothes the happier I am!!

This weekend looks like its shaping up to be a fun one! Tomorrow the Perics are off to Orwell Corner and on Sunday the Hopes arrive for some family fun!! Can't wait!!

Sunset on the Beach.

An interesting looking log.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Just Some Randomness

Okay so this pregnancy is going pretty well, but I could certainly do with the whole morning sickness thing coming to a full and complete stop!! Just about every morning lately, I go through gagging which then progresses well, you know further...I'll spare you the details. I thought that I would be getting over this by now but it seems to have picked up the pace a weee bit...oh to be in my second trimester!! Really I shouldn't complain, its only in the morning and sometimes when a particularly awful smell hits my nose (e.g Sean's poopy diaper) Sooo I'll stop whining!

Sean is really enjoying spending time with his Gammie and Auntie Linda. He has at least one Greek word to add to his vocab and is also learning some scripture. Grammie has been teaching him the 23 Psalm and when prompted he can just about fill in every other word. I will definetly have to get a video of that to share with you!

Yesterday we joined Brian, Bonnie and Abby at the beach and the kiddos had an absolute blast!! They both definetly LOVE the water and splashing about in it. In a lull in the action I asked Sean if he wanted to give Abby a kiss and instantly the two of them reach out for each other and plant big wet ones on their lips!! So cute. Bonnie got a pic that I'm hoping she'll either post to her blog or will send along so I can post it here. It is sooo sweet!!

In other news I've joined a really amazing fitness class! I love it! The instructor is awesome and the workout is amazing. It reminds me of when I took Tae Kwon Do in university. You leave feeling like you really accomplished something and then you're oh so sore the next day but you know that it was all well worth it! One of the best parts of this class is that it takes place in our backyard and the instructor is none other than my very own sister in law!!! Class is two days a week and we call it "LindaFit" Can't wait for Wednesday's session!!

Now for the pictures. I had a couple new ones to share with you but the battery died on the camera before I could get them on the computer sooo instead I have some pics from Father's Day that my sister took. Enjoy.

"Mmmmm, yummmy sandwich!"

This used to be Karina's van, Sean was quite enamoured with it!

Just tickling the ivories with Gramma.

Time to chase down that sandwich with a big gulp of cold delicious milk!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Where To Go From Here

We've been to the beach a few times, to Victoria Park, to the gardens at Fanningbank to name a few places. So just where will we end up next?! Who knows, but I do know where ever it is Sean will enjoy exploring!

Sean enjoyed going from one large puddle of warm water to the next on the shore of Tea Hill. The tide was out and we never did make it all the way out to the water, but Sean was more than happy to check out the creepy crawlies on the sand and just run around.

Fun with the ball at the beach.

While we were at the Gardens at Fanningbank we happened to bump into some of the Fathers of Confederation. Sean was all excited to see them in their funny outfits. Here he is checking out Sir John A. MacDonald.

Cool eh? The Premier and the leader of the opposition were also there all acting in character. It was like we had jumped back in time to 1864 and the Charlottetown Conference was taking place. After chatting awhile with them they headed off into the garden and we discussed just how hot they must be in those costumes!

An exciting discovery:

A big ol' stump.

Sean and Auntie Linda hanging out on the stump.

Sean and Daddy caught in a serious discussion:

"So do think there's anyway I could be a part of your posse?"

"Well, Daddy you do have the cool glasses and the mean goatee...I'll have to get back to you on that one."

Can ya tell that the boy loves his Auntie "Inda"?!! Today when we picked Sean up from the nursery he was ohhh so happy to see his Daddy and called out "DADDY, DADDY!!" I told him we were about to go visit with Linda and Grammie and he seemed pleased with this arrangement. Then when we got out to the auditorium and Sean spied Linda, he let out the biggest squeal of excitement and let out a loud "INDAAAAA!!" This boy just has a very special connection with his auntie!

Today we were out for a walk and stopped at a fairly run down little park. The sad shape of the playground didn't deter Sean any and he got right to going down the slide and enjoying a long time on the swing.

One happy little fella.

In other news, Sean is becoming a little multilinguist with the help of his Grammie and Auntie Linda. He has been learning some Serbo-Croatian and Greek. So far as I can tell at this point he has at least one Serbo-Croation word. We hope to add French (of course, in Canada how can you not?!)Dutch, Spanish and Chinese to his list of foreign languages. My family background is Dutch and I know a few words and phrases. I took Spanish in University. I took a course in Chinese while I was in Bowmanville. Now with all that said, I will admit freely that I am not fluent in any of these languages and don't expect that by teaching Sean a few words here and there that he will be either. What I do hope for is that he will have a love for learning languages as well as learning about the cultures they come from.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sunshine and Rain

Yes, the weather for PEI of late has been sunshine and some rain for just about every day since the summer started. Even if they said that it was supposed to be sunny all day, you had better pack your umbrella 'cause no sooner have you left it at home then a wee little rain cloud finds you and completely drenches you head to toe!

On one of the mostly sunny days we finally made it to Glen Stewart Park. Brian and Bonnie had been raving about it's awesomeness and on more than one occasion we made the trek out. The first times as you may have guessed got rained out. But finally success was ours and I must say Sean had an absolute blast. His favourite things to do were: just run around and around the entire play area, play with the "piano", wave at all the cars in the parking lot and climb in and out a window and finally his very most favourite part: flinging gravel about!

On the run.

"Welcome to Sean's Place, how may I help you today?"

"humph, business sure is slow today..."

Today was one of those mostly rainy days with a dash of sunshine here and there just to keep you guessing. Sean and I spent most of the day inside getting bored...that is until I decided to turn one of his empty diaper boxes into a tunnel. Sean had loads of fun shoving his many different vehicles in and out of the tunnel. Then we decided to spice things up a bit and decorate the tunnel with his washable markers. Check it out:

The tunnel flipped upside down for optimum decorating surface coverage.

Seems more than just the tunnel got "decorated."

This is from our brief moment outside when we thought it would be fun to splash in some puddles...too bad there weren't any.

Back inside we decided to visit with Grammie, Auntie Linda and the MacLeods. Sean loved playing with all the new to him toys.

Nothing quite like a pair of upside down glasses for the super cuteness factor.

Our little Monster Inc Man.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Look Who's Here!

They've been here a week and I'm just getting to writing about their arrval now! We are ever so pleased to have Marko's mom and sister back on the Island with us! Sean is also very happy to have the extra attention from "Gammie and Inda" as he likes to call them.

The extra super part is that they're living just upstairs so visits can happen just about anytime. Sean loves when they come down just before bedtime for hugs and kisses. Just this past Sunday we went to visit Marko's Nanny and before the visit was over Sean was calling her Nanny and sharing his shreddies with her! So cute.

In other news, baby on the way is doing great! I had my 1st official doctor's appointment last Thursday and we even got to hear the heart beat! I love that part! I have my ultrasound on the 24th of August which is also such an exciting event. I'm feeling pretty good so far. Only a little morning sickness and really mostly just gagging. It seems that smells really set me off as far as that goes. I shouldn't complain as this time around has been much easier than with Sean. That said, it really wasn't all that awful with him either. No "belly" yet so I'll have to hold off on sharing belly pictures for now.

Gammie, Inda and Sean at Victoria Park.

I love this picture.

Oh and in case you were wondering and even if you're weren't, it shall be forever more known without a shadow of a doubt that I, Laura Peric, have absolutely no business cleaning air conditioners!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Finally An Update!!

First, I'd just like to thank you all for all the well wishes and prayers. Marko and I --and in his own little way-- Sean are all very excited about this new addition to our life.

Now back to the update. I'll start with Canada Day and July 2nd.

Canada Day was awesome!! In the afternoon we went to Victoria Park and played in the pool and the playground and had some yummy ice cream!!

Daddy and Sean enjoying the pool.

After the park we went to Brian and Bonnie's for a BBQ. We had Sean in his "special" shirt to surprise our friends. After filling our faces with all manner of grilled thing, it was time to put te kiddos to bed. It take either of them long to drift off to dream land! The adults now had free reign to start partying!! We began with some super exciting trampoline fun! I had no idea how much fun the average trampoline could be even when I wasn't the one bouncing around on it.

Malcom in mid jump.

This is Marko doing...ummm...well okay I'm not sure what but it does look like he landed on his head.

The fireworks were great and we were able to enjoy them from the street. Afterwards we stuck around and played some Mafia and then headed home.

July 2nd was also a great day for us. It was a lot of fun to get together with friends you haven't seen in nearly 8 years! We had a lovely lunch at the Stockhalls with lots of chatting and laughing. It was soooo good to see Mary again and finally meet her husband and super cute son. Sean was quite taken with Peter and would follow him about calling after him.

This is Mary, her husband Danny and Peter.

This is Janice Stockhall sharing the finer points of car maintenence with Sean.

And here's Kevin being, well, Kevin.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Just Thought You Might Like to Know...

If you can't make it out, his shirt reads, "Have you heard the News?..."

"I'm Gonna Be a Big Brother!"