Friday, July 27, 2007

The Heat is On

So finally the heat has been turned on full blast here on the Island!! And it is stinking hot out these days! And this is when I am ever so thankful to be living in a cool basement apartment.

Other things I enjoy on a hot summer's day, lying in the hammock with my son just talking about the day and what we see around us. It's amazing how long he'll just sit with me and rock and just be happy looking around. Also it is plenty of fun to watch Sean enjoy playing in his little pool!! His favourite game is to fill a bucket full of water and see who he can soak first!

Another fun thing is the beach, Marko and I went for our date night on Wednesday and had a lovely little picnic on the beach. See below for two little pics.
Pregnancy update: It figures that after I write that post about the morning sickness it all but goes away! But I'm not complaining...anymore. Also I bought my first piece of maternity wear for this pregnancy!! And would you believe that I only spent like 59 cents on it!! I was super excited about that! Here's to Clearence days and left over gift cards! Funniest part is I'm still a ways off from needing anything in the way of maternity clothes. Again, not complaining about that, the longer I can last in regular clothes the happier I am!!

This weekend looks like its shaping up to be a fun one! Tomorrow the Perics are off to Orwell Corner and on Sunday the Hopes arrive for some family fun!! Can't wait!!

Sunset on the Beach.

An interesting looking log.

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