Monday, July 23, 2007

Just Some Randomness

Okay so this pregnancy is going pretty well, but I could certainly do with the whole morning sickness thing coming to a full and complete stop!! Just about every morning lately, I go through gagging which then progresses well, you know further...I'll spare you the details. I thought that I would be getting over this by now but it seems to have picked up the pace a weee bit...oh to be in my second trimester!! Really I shouldn't complain, its only in the morning and sometimes when a particularly awful smell hits my nose (e.g Sean's poopy diaper) Sooo I'll stop whining!

Sean is really enjoying spending time with his Gammie and Auntie Linda. He has at least one Greek word to add to his vocab and is also learning some scripture. Grammie has been teaching him the 23 Psalm and when prompted he can just about fill in every other word. I will definetly have to get a video of that to share with you!

Yesterday we joined Brian, Bonnie and Abby at the beach and the kiddos had an absolute blast!! They both definetly LOVE the water and splashing about in it. In a lull in the action I asked Sean if he wanted to give Abby a kiss and instantly the two of them reach out for each other and plant big wet ones on their lips!! So cute. Bonnie got a pic that I'm hoping she'll either post to her blog or will send along so I can post it here. It is sooo sweet!!

In other news I've joined a really amazing fitness class! I love it! The instructor is awesome and the workout is amazing. It reminds me of when I took Tae Kwon Do in university. You leave feeling like you really accomplished something and then you're oh so sore the next day but you know that it was all well worth it! One of the best parts of this class is that it takes place in our backyard and the instructor is none other than my very own sister in law!!! Class is two days a week and we call it "LindaFit" Can't wait for Wednesday's session!!

Now for the pictures. I had a couple new ones to share with you but the battery died on the camera before I could get them on the computer sooo instead I have some pics from Father's Day that my sister took. Enjoy.

"Mmmmm, yummmy sandwich!"

This used to be Karina's van, Sean was quite enamoured with it!

Just tickling the ivories with Gramma.

Time to chase down that sandwich with a big gulp of cold delicious milk!

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mary e said...

Sorry you're feeling rough! Try anything with ginger in it; I found that sometimes helped.