Monday, July 09, 2007

Look Who's Here!

They've been here a week and I'm just getting to writing about their arrval now! We are ever so pleased to have Marko's mom and sister back on the Island with us! Sean is also very happy to have the extra attention from "Gammie and Inda" as he likes to call them.

The extra super part is that they're living just upstairs so visits can happen just about anytime. Sean loves when they come down just before bedtime for hugs and kisses. Just this past Sunday we went to visit Marko's Nanny and before the visit was over Sean was calling her Nanny and sharing his shreddies with her! So cute.

In other news, baby on the way is doing great! I had my 1st official doctor's appointment last Thursday and we even got to hear the heart beat! I love that part! I have my ultrasound on the 24th of August which is also such an exciting event. I'm feeling pretty good so far. Only a little morning sickness and really mostly just gagging. It seems that smells really set me off as far as that goes. I shouldn't complain as this time around has been much easier than with Sean. That said, it really wasn't all that awful with him either. No "belly" yet so I'll have to hold off on sharing belly pictures for now.

Gammie, Inda and Sean at Victoria Park.

I love this picture.

Oh and in case you were wondering and even if you're weren't, it shall be forever more known without a shadow of a doubt that I, Laura Peric, have absolutely no business cleaning air conditioners!!


Sarah said...

Good to hear that you are feeling good!! I'm so excited for you guys, but I'm a nerd about babies.

Mike said...

Love that picture, too.