Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sunshine and Rain

Yes, the weather for PEI of late has been sunshine and some rain for just about every day since the summer started. Even if they said that it was supposed to be sunny all day, you had better pack your umbrella 'cause no sooner have you left it at home then a wee little rain cloud finds you and completely drenches you head to toe!

On one of the mostly sunny days we finally made it to Glen Stewart Park. Brian and Bonnie had been raving about it's awesomeness and on more than one occasion we made the trek out. The first times as you may have guessed got rained out. But finally success was ours and I must say Sean had an absolute blast. His favourite things to do were: just run around and around the entire play area, play with the "piano", wave at all the cars in the parking lot and climb in and out a window and finally his very most favourite part: flinging gravel about!

On the run.

"Welcome to Sean's Place, how may I help you today?"

"humph, business sure is slow today..."

Today was one of those mostly rainy days with a dash of sunshine here and there just to keep you guessing. Sean and I spent most of the day inside getting bored...that is until I decided to turn one of his empty diaper boxes into a tunnel. Sean had loads of fun shoving his many different vehicles in and out of the tunnel. Then we decided to spice things up a bit and decorate the tunnel with his washable markers. Check it out:

The tunnel flipped upside down for optimum decorating surface coverage.

Seems more than just the tunnel got "decorated."

This is from our brief moment outside when we thought it would be fun to splash in some puddles...too bad there weren't any.

Back inside we decided to visit with Grammie, Auntie Linda and the MacLeods. Sean loved playing with all the new to him toys.

Nothing quite like a pair of upside down glasses for the super cuteness factor.

Our little Monster Inc Man.

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Sarah said...

I love Sean's rain boots!