Sunday, July 29, 2007

What a Great Weekend!!

It was a hot weekend but a very enjoyable one!

Saturday morning we went to Orwell Corner for some old timey fun. It is a historic village with lots to see and do. Sean was particularly enamoured with the animals but he also enjoyed the blacksmith demonstration and making home made ice cream. I also got to make a home made candle and we enjoyed a family picnic under the shade of many trees. We left around 11 in the morning and didn't leave till 5 that evening. Sean had been up since 6:30, you'd think that at some point he would have gotten cranky or fallen asleep for a nap but he didn't. He was a super little guy who just loved everything that was going on. He was great at the blacksmith demonstration and had a great time helping out.

Here are the pics from Orwell Corner:

Our first stop was the church where we sang a rousing rendition of the Little Brown Church while Sean ran gleefuly beside the pews.

Our next stop was the school where Sean proved he was an excellent student.

Because just like that he was not only at the head of his class, he had become the teacher!!

Sean keeping the fire hot with help from Auntie Linda.

Chicken chasing time...Sean really enjoyed this part of the visit.

After all that activity it was time for a 2 second power nap.

"Okay, I'm starved. What's for supper?!!"

Daddy cooling Sean off at the water pump.

"Grammy, have I told you lately that I love you?!"

Today my family came over and we had a delightful if somewhat short visit. Although it isn't Christmas time or Sean's birthday, Sean got 3 wonderful gifts from his Grampa and Gramma and Auntie Karina. He got a lovely blue ball from Gramma, a farm animal book from Auntie Karina and a Diego Tough Trike from Grampa. The trike took some assembling that I was more than thrilled to do. I love putting stuff like that together. I remember coming home from a baby shower and putting together Sean's swing, high chair and his exersaucser all in one night...It was great fun! And so was this, it didn't take any time at all to put together and Sean was quite pleased with the result. He also had a great time tossing the ball to everyone and he actually caught it a few times himself!! We were all quite impressed. He and Grampa spent some time looking at his new book too. Marko and I were a little concerned that Sean would be a little cranky after his extra busy day yesterday but our concerns were unfounded. He was in great spirits and ready for a day full of fun.

After my folks left and Sean had a nap we headed outside for some fun in the backyard and the pool. A great ending for a wonderful weekend.

Grampa and Sean checking out his new book.

Sean on his new trike.

"You know cow, there's nothing better to be in this world than to be a Grampa."

One of Sean's favourite games is to hide under the blanket and then call people to join him. He'll sit there and say, "Grammie In! Grammie In!" and so on until everyone was under the blanket. Good times!!

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I love Sean's new trike!