Friday, August 31, 2007

Cutest Recitation of Psalm 23...ever!

Peric Baby Pool

Note: This post will remain at the top of the ol' blog for awhile so everyone can get in their guesses.

Yes, it's time to put on your thinking caps and come up with some great predictions. This pool will be pretty much a do over of the one we had for Sean. So the information we're looking for is:
Date of arrival, including time of day.
Weight of the wee little one, including ounces. (the closer you are the better chance you have of winning)
And for kicks, how about a name or two (one for a girl and one for a boy would be nice) I have to admit that Marko and I are having a bit of an adventure trying to come up with names for this one, so all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
Oh and how about any suggestions for a new blog title since "Life with Sean" won't work all that well anymore...

So there you have it, leave your guesses in the comments and we'll see who will be the winner this time!!

Oh and so ya'll have a level playing field, the due date is set for January 17. And Sean was 9 lbs 5 oz and he was late. I can't say by how much since I was working with 3 different due dates...Nov 29, Nov 30 and Dec 2...Take your pick. :)

Good luck to everyone!!

The Best Birthday Present!!

It's my champagne birthday today!! 31 on the 31st! And already I have received many happy birthday wishes! My favourite part of today though has been getting the ultrasound pictures!! And you'll be happy to know that I have included them in this post!

And it is official now that the due date is moving up so if you'd like to change your guesses you may or if you're happy with what you've picked then that's fine too. The new due date is January 8th!! Fun, fun!

We've had some fun summer outing and get togethers this past little while. Abby and Bonnie came over for a visit which was great. Sean and Abby were most happy to hang out. They certainly had a great time on the trampoline:

Later in the week we went to the outdoor pool and to the park. Sean was lucky enough to borrow some swimming wings and enjoyed bouncing about the pool with his Auntie Linda and Jennie and I.

Mr. Old Pro at going down the slide by himself.

Such a cutie pants!

Today Sean went with Grammie on a town bus! He had a great time. He loves to point out any and all buses...and garbage trucks...and motorcycles...pretty much anything with wheels :)

Going for a ride.
End of the line...

And now for what you've all been waiting for the ultrasound pictures:

They are a little hard to figure out but the second shot is my favourite!

What a cutie eh?!! ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Day that Turned Out AMAZING!!

It had all the ear markings of a day that would not be so great...our dryer had died, the kitchen light also gave up the ghost and the car needs two new tires...yikes! Thankfully there were many wonderful blessings awaiting us this day. For one my family came over with presents and plenty of pop! We had a great visit. For brunch I made Wild Blueberry Bake which was quite yummy. We ate it by candle light which was really fun! Sean kept saying "candoo, candoo!!" Afterwards, I had the amazing opportunity to bless my family. That may sound like an odd thing to do, but it has to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life! For my birthday, my sister gave me a gift card for the Super Store..YAY! and my folks got us an ear thermometer and some china tea cups that were once my grandmothers. There were also some lovely dumpster dive gifts!! :)

After their visit we went with Grammie and Auntie Linda to the beach. The air was warm but the water was quite cold. That didn't stop Sean though! He had a great time splashing about and throwing sand in the water.

Now for the most ultimate cool part of the day....Marko's boss had booked a cottage but something came up and he offered it to us!!! And it was beautiful!! We invited some friends over and we played Pit for a good long time. It was so peaceful out there. No street lights or noise at all! We had a great night and Oh My Word the FOOD!! Yummmmmmy!! It was a wonderful breakfast! We enjoyed a lesiurely stroll to the beach and then it was check out time. We had a wonderful time! Such a fun and relaxing time!

Sean showing off his throwing skills.

All set for school! Just have to grow into Daddy's shoes.

The view from our cottage.

The cottage.

The front room.

The kitchen area.

Our bedroom. There was an additional bedroom with two double beds.

Just thought this was a cool shot. We took this on our stroll to the beach.

The happy and ultra relaxed couple!! ;)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Quick Update

Well, it's pretty late so this will just be a quick note to fill you in on how the ultrasound went...

Oh my word it was amazing!! Grammie and Auntie Linda, Sean and Marko were all there for the event. The nurse who took the ultrasound said that the baby is measuring older than my original due date! So that means we may get to move up the due date, but first my OBGYN has to okay it. I'll let you know the new date if that happens...I'm hoping it will! The baby was having a nap while we were there so there wasn't too much movement. Still I was just in awe of how amazing this little life is!! Sean did really well too. He wasn't scared or upset. The nurse had mentioned that a lot of children get upset, thinking that something is wrong with their mommy. Sean just kept saying, "Baby, baby." It was pretty sweet! He got a giggle when we pointed out the baby's little foot to him. I can't wait to pick up the picture next week!! I'll try and post it on here for you to enjoy!! :)

Tomorrow should prove to be yet another fun filled day. My family is coming over to celebrate my birthday...The actual day isn't until the 31st but this was a good day for them to come.

It really was amazing to get a little glimpse of our new baby. You could see the heart beating and everything. I could hardly keep my mind on my work for the rest of the day, I just kept thinking about this new little life...Wow!

For you formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother's
I will praise You, for I am
fearfully and wonderfully
Marvelous are Your works,
and that my soul knows very
Psalm 139:13-14

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Ultrasound is Tomorrow...

and I'm excited about it!!

Marko's mom and sister as well as Sean are coming for the big event. And for those of you that live in just about anywhere else other than here, they won't tell you the sex of your baby at the ultrasound...they just won't. In the letter you receive with the date of your ultrasound it even tells you not to bother asking because they won't that said I have heard that there is at least one nurse there that will tell you. Only thing is I don't know who she is or how you find out. And at any rate Marko still wants it to be a surprise anyways so I guess we'll find out what we're having sometime in January!

Today I was asking Sean if he thought he'd get a brother or a sister and he said sister. I thought that was cute, so I asked him again just before bed when Daddy was there to check out this mini prophet, and again he said a sister. But then I wondered if his answer had anything to do with the order I put his options in, so I asked him again but said a sister or a brother and lo and behold he chose brother. So I guess Sean isn't much into prophecy after all :)

The other day Brian and Bonnie and Abby came for a visit. Just before they arrived I told Sean of the upcoming visit and you would have thought that I just told him that a chocolate cake filled with cookies was soon to arrive, he was soooo excited. But let me just say that this excitement did not even come close to comparing to the excitement he had when they were actually here visiting!!!

You would have thought that he had just eaten a cake full of cookies and ice cream. OH MY WORD!! He was such a show off...He was all like, look Abby I can climb furniture!! Look Abby I can jump..A LOT!! Look Abby I can throw my toys!! Look Abby I can totally ignore my parents!! It was unbelievable...I was floored.

This morning Sean was ultra cute!! Usually, after I change his bum I toss him (gently) on the bed beside Marko where he waits while I get some clothes for him. Well this morning he scooted right up beside Daddy and pulled some blankets over himself and said, "Good Night." then "Mommy coming?" And how could I resist, I plopped his clothes on the end of the bed and crawled in beside my sweet little angel. And he smiled back and said, "Good Nap." Then he sat right back up, only to flop down and cover himself up in the blanket!! Soooo cute!

Just thought I'd include a picture of my humble little garden. There are bean plants and peas in the back row an then the front is different types of herbs.

Checking out the garden.

Tell me this isn't cute?!!!

I love his little yellow boots.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Adventures

Recently Sean has taken to having minor melt downs whenever we leave him in the nursery at church. Thankfully he gets over it quickly but still I certainly don't enjoy leaving him when he is screaming at the top of his lungs...or do I?! Hopefully he'll get over this and get back to enjoying going to the nursery.

The past couple of mornings Sean has woken up early...too early in my estimation. Anything before 6:30 is too early. So when he decided that 5:30 was a good time for "uppy" I laid down the law. His room is right off of ours so I called to him and told him that he was okay and should go back to sleep. This was met with some rather angry cries which quickly subsided to little wimpers and then off to dreamland he went! This morning he wanted to wake up at 6, still too early so I told him he was fine and to go back to sleep, amazingly he did with not much fuss!

Today he went with Auntie Linda to the park and met up with some Mommies and their toddlers. Auntie Linda managed to train Sean to go down the slide all by himself!!! No catching at the bottom or anything! How quickly these little ones grow up!

With my ultrasound coming up this Friday I thought I would post a "belly" picture so you can see how things are progressing. So here's my bump:

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Parade, a Boat Ride and a Campfire...Good Times!

Friday was a day packed full of fun things to do. We started the day with the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade. Sean was a little skeptical at first but got into it. He was quite impressed with the Police truck and the Fire trucks...and then well everything else was okay to watch. The ten minutes of Shriners on different types of miniture transportation held his interest for awhile but as the floats dragged on his interest waned. That is until he made friends with the little boy beside us. The two of them had a grand time dancing to the music and tossing one of Sean's toys back and forth. Sean also made friends with a young lady who he was convinced was also keen to play toss. She was happy to oblige this sweet boy and totally made his day!

The beginning of the was shortly after this shot that our camera died...harumph.

Daddy and Sean waiting and watching...

After the parade we had a nap and some lunch, then we geared up for our boat ride. It was Marko's Uncle Brian and Aunt Bernadette who took us out on their boat. We invited some friends along and enjoyed the view of Charlottetown harbour. Sean was keen at first but when he kept getting stopped from touching this or climbing that, he got a little antsy. That was until Uncle Brian let him steer the boat! Oh my word, did the boy ever enjoy this part. He steered, he played with the throttle and tried his hand at using the marine radio.

"Ahhh, now this is more like it!!"

"Hmmm, lets just see who I can get in here..."

"My name is Sean and I'll be your captain today, enjoy the ride."

After all that hard work, it was time for some juice!

Sean was a pretty tired boy by the time we got home and it didn't take much for him to fall asleep. So now it was Mommy and Daddy's chance to get away for awhile. Grammie offered to babysit while we went with Troy and Matt out to the campground for a campfire. Malcolm and Jennie joined us there. It was so nice!! We had marshmallows and hotdogs and some pop to wash it down with. It was the perfect ending to such a busy day.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Busy Days

It has been a very busy but also fun week. I worked Monday and Tuesday I went with Nancy to Halifax to get her and her husband’s passports. Even after calling the agency and being assured that they were indeed in Halifax, we arrived there only to find out that they had mailed them! Nonetheless Nancy and I had a great time. We went to the market for lunch after which we went to Dalhousie to surprise my friend Sarah. She was genuinely surprised and we sat and chatted with her in her office.

Next we were off to shop at the MicMac mall. I was hoping to pick up a couple new maternity tops.

***It is now official, I have "popped" and now have to wear maternity clothes.*** Yippee...

I have to say, not only do I love the stuff they have at Thyme Maternity but the sales people are fantastic!! I got two shirts in the same style but different colours. I love them because, they’re comfortable, they don’t have the ties on the back that seem to be on soooo many maternity tops and they can be both casual and dressy.

Today and yesterday I worked for the PEI Exhibitions Association for Old Home Week. I prepped food and set out samples and cleaned up. It was busy work but fun and the best part was that I got paid for it!! Today Sean and Auntie Linda came to visit and went on the rides at tthe midway, as seen below:

Ride 'em Cowboy!

"I'm not so sure about this bee thing Auntie Linda..."

Tomorrow is looking like it will be an equally fun and busy day. We’re off to the parade in the morning and in the afternoon we’re going on a boat ride.

Cutest thing Sean has said so far: As we were putting Sean down in his crib, he said "Luv you Daddy, luv you Jesus, luv you Mommy."

Monday, August 13, 2007

What a Crazy Fun Weekend!!

Had an absolute blast this weekend my friends, I tell you it was like being a kid again and let me tell you being a kid for just a few hours is AWESOME!! Our great friend Mike Thomas set up this super fun and exciting game for a bunch of us to play Saturday afternoon. We were in groups of three (or in our case 4) and we all congregated at Victoria Park where all the fun began. From there we raced into the woods to find as many gold coins as we could, bring em back to Mike for clues to more loot which was all over the city!! We got off to a great start and never looked back! ( I'll tell you, I haven't been this excited about gold coins since I found a bag of them filled with chocolate in my stocking when I was 12 and that was even after I had accidentally sprayed some perfume on my tongue!!!)

The game was over by 3:30 and our team managed to bring in the most coins and victory was OURS!!! Weeeeee!! After the game we grabbed a couple ice creams and talked about the game with fellow competitors. All in all I would say everyone had a GREAT time!!!

While Marko and I were playing the game, Grammie and Auntie Linda were looking after Sean. They had a great day together. They went visiting and then stopped at Buzzie's for supper. Would you believe that Sean actually ate and enjoyed a plate of chicken fingers?!!! I was totally floored when they told me! Turns out he likes them best when dipped in honey!! Who knew?! Also he seems to think he can spell. Grammie and Linda were trying to get a fly out of the car and were spelling f-l-y so as not to upset Sean but he caught on and started saying "fly, fly." Now he may have seen the fly and figured it out that way but then when we were all home at bed time, Grammie spelled it for him again and he said fly again! So we thought that was cool!

Then Sunday night about 30 of us landed on Malcolm's doorstep for some BBQ and meteor shower show. The food was fantastic and the meteor shower proved to be pretty good too, although some of us got sore necks from staring straight up for so long. Thanks Matt for letting us lean on your car!

This week is going to pretty busy. I had a 6 hour work day today (which for me is unusual), tomorrow (Tuesday), Nancy and I are going to Halifax (Sean will be hanging out with his Auntie), Wednesday and Thursday I'm helping out at the Exhibition for Old Home Week (that keeps me busy from 8-4:30) and then on Friday it's Parade day and I have another 4 hour shift with my oldies!! Fun, fun, fun!!

How is your week looking?!

Here are some cute pics:

Nothing quite like eating breakfast with your sunglasses on. The ultimate in cool!!

Bet you didn't know that Baby Jesus drove a bus...full of wisemen and shepherds.

Our sweetie pie. I think he really looks like my Uncle Frank in this one.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Mr. Guy Smilely is Back and I Have the Pictures to Prove It!

Yes, Sean is back to his super smilely pants self!! I am soooo happy with his as I'm sure he is too. His teeth are in, the rash is gone and so is little boy crabby pants. Although he does seem to resurface every now and again!

With Sean's health all improved he is delighting his family with all the little facts he has picked up here and there. He's caught on to colours and took his Grammie for a tour of the neighbourhood giving her the colour of each car she asked him about.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge of numbers which is pretty much just knowing the order from 1-10. This evening he pointed out the number 3 for me which I thought was pretty cool. But then I don't really know what kids at this age should be able to understand, so maybe you're not quite as impressed as we are about these things, but I think parents believe that anything their own child does is extra special!

His vocabulary continues to astound me! His words are getting clearer to understand and he's taking on big words like Dinosaur and Alligator. He's really getting into songs and trying to sing along with his favourites. He also absolutely loves it when you make up your own songs. He knows what his Mommy and Daddy's names are and our last name and can say them. I really like that he knows this mostly for safety reasons. (I may live to regret this later when he tells a stranger that Laura Peric likes to kiss his feet!!)

Now with all my unabashed bragging done, I'll let these sweet pictures speak for themselves.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Random Meme

This is a meme I saw at MommyBrain and I thought it would be fun to do too...So here goes.

The questions Carrie asked me are:

1. What has been the biggest surprise about motherhood?
Great question! Let's see, I was surprised by just how much our lives changed after Sean arrived. I remember people asking me if we were "ready" yet before he was born and my answer was always I guess so...There were a lot of things that happened that no book or prenatal class covered and that was quite the shock to the ol' system!

2. What is different about being pregnant with #2 as opposed to #1?
This time around I'm definetly more relaxed about it. I have a better idea of what to expect from my body and not to be too surprised that I'm not showing yet. Where I was anxious about the labour process with Sean I'm not so much with this one. This time I'm wondering more about Sean's reaction to his new sibling.

3. What is the scariest movie you've ever watched?
I don't remember the title of it and I didn't finish watching it. What I remember from it was a girl was babysitting when she starts getting calls for her to check on the kids. She was freaked out about this and finally calls the police to trace the calls to find out where they were coming from, and they find out that they were coming from inside the house...yipes!

4. How did you meet your husband?
This has got to be one of my favourite stories!! My best friend and I were on our way out for a girls night out and we decided to go to Pizza Delight for supper. Just as we walked in we noticed a table of all our friends there and they invited us to eat with them. After supper we went to the Inns on Great George for a game of Risk. Both Jennie and I along with a few others had no idea how to play and so Mike was pairing people up with those who were seasoned players. He went around the room and skipped me and so I said what about me? Well I could be Marko's partner when he got there. Maybe 5 minutes later Marko walked in and we set out on a little adventure to conquer the world...And we did!! We were King and Queen of the world!!

5. What are your plans for school for your kids, homeschool, public or private?
This is an interesting question for me, as I used to be a teacher before I became a mommy. I taught in both the public and private schools. There is a private Christian school just a stone's throw away from us that I used to teach at and we may send our kids there. But if I'm not working outside the home then I plan on homeschooling.

The Rules of the Meme:
1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like [the food you hate most in all the world]. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You will update your [blog] with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

So, if you want to play along, leave me a random comment!

Friday, August 03, 2007

A Bit of a Bumpy Road

This past little while has been a fair bit bumpy for my little guy. First off the little guy is cutting four teeth at the same time. Two on the top and two on the bottom. Sean has never had any real problem cutting teeth before. But this has not at all been easy for him. He complains of pain in his ear and eyes and the best I can do with him is drug him up... not my favourite thing to do.

Did I mention that while we were at Orwell Corner Sean got a burn...not a very serious one but enough to send his mommy, grammie and auntie off to the bathroom with him. He and grammie had gone to check out the cool motorcycles that had come into the yard and in his investigating it seems that Sean just happened to touch exhaust manifold of one of the bikes. It was still quite hot. He got a bit of a blister but not much more thankfully. Mostly due to the quick thinking of his grammie who got his hand under the cold water in a hurry!

A few days later, Sean got his first bee sting! After weeding some of the front garden, I had stepped back inside, leaving Sean and Auntie Linda at the garden. When I came back upstairs, Grammie had an ice cube wrapped in a damp cloth pressed against Sean's little cheek. Apparently there is a bee that lives under the front step that had decided that Sean was getting a little too close for comfort. Sean had let out a yelp and wailed but by the time I got to him he was okay. Thankfully Sean is not allergic to bee stings.

Then on Thursday morning Sean woke up with a rash all over his little body. Normally not a whole big deal but with me being all pregnant we figured it might be a good idea to get this looked into. So I called our family doctor who just happens to be on no luck there. I called my mom to see what she thought of it and she agreed it should be checked out. I even called the Public Health Nurse to see if she thought I might be over reacting, she also agreed that it was well worth looking into. She informed me that there was a walk in clinic open at the local phamacy. Great now I was getting somewhere...if only I had a car...This is where my best friend Jennie came to our rescue (Marko had already left for work in our car). She willingly jumped out of bed and came right over to take us there.

As you can well imagine there was already a fairly long line up, we grabbed our number and settled in to wait. Sean totally lucked out when this sweet little boy came up to him to share his bag of toys with him. The two of them had a blast running the trucks and cars on the floor. While we were there, we happened to bump into Brian's brother Rob and chatted with him for awhile. Then I saw my first supervising teacher walk by so I had a great little chat with him. Then I saw one of my past students in the line up for the clinic and I had a quick chat with him...Who knew you could get so much visiting done at a walk in clinic?!!

Once we finally got in to see the doctor Sean had hit his melting point. The boy was throwing the largest fit I have ever seen or heard on this planet. The doctor was able to check his ears and eyes and they were fine (so at least we knew that the pain he was feeling there was from the teething) and he checked his throat and again it was clear so no question of strep. His final call was to just keep up the Tylenol and let the rash take care of itself. I was happy enough with this answer. I might have asked a few more questions but by this time Sean was screaming at the top of his lungs. The doctor mentioned that it was good that I was so patient with him...I have to admit that I wasn't feeling all that patient...

Today we went to the beach and Sean had an absolute blast!! That was until the storm came up and wind picked up so much it was pretty much just beating us down with sand. A kind young man did his best to shelter us as the worst of it passed by then we just made a mad dash to the car. Once there we were all able to let out a sigh of relief.

So yeah, life has been interesting!

"I'm gonna get you Auntie Linda!!"

Isn't this just the cutest?!

The ominous thunder clouds.

What a cutie!!

My token artsy fartsy photo

Boy must be feeling better!!!

I'm not sure that Auntie Linda is enjoying this as much as Sean is!!

Splash time!