Friday, August 31, 2007

The Best Birthday Present!!

It's my champagne birthday today!! 31 on the 31st! And already I have received many happy birthday wishes! My favourite part of today though has been getting the ultrasound pictures!! And you'll be happy to know that I have included them in this post!

And it is official now that the due date is moving up so if you'd like to change your guesses you may or if you're happy with what you've picked then that's fine too. The new due date is January 8th!! Fun, fun!

We've had some fun summer outing and get togethers this past little while. Abby and Bonnie came over for a visit which was great. Sean and Abby were most happy to hang out. They certainly had a great time on the trampoline:

Later in the week we went to the outdoor pool and to the park. Sean was lucky enough to borrow some swimming wings and enjoyed bouncing about the pool with his Auntie Linda and Jennie and I.

Mr. Old Pro at going down the slide by himself.

Such a cutie pants!

Today Sean went with Grammie on a town bus! He had a great time. He loves to point out any and all buses...and garbage trucks...and motorcycles...pretty much anything with wheels :)

Going for a ride.
End of the line...

And now for what you've all been waiting for the ultrasound pictures:

They are a little hard to figure out but the second shot is my favourite!

What a cutie eh?!! ;)

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mary e said...

Great ultrasound pics! One of mine of Peter you couldn't tell which was the head and which was the body. This time round I didn't get any pictures printed - the new hospital I'm with doesn't do it because they're always so pressed for time. Boo!