Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Day that Turned Out AMAZING!!

It had all the ear markings of a day that would not be so great...our dryer had died, the kitchen light also gave up the ghost and the car needs two new tires...yikes! Thankfully there were many wonderful blessings awaiting us this day. For one my family came over with presents and plenty of pop! We had a great visit. For brunch I made Wild Blueberry Bake which was quite yummy. We ate it by candle light which was really fun! Sean kept saying "candoo, candoo!!" Afterwards, I had the amazing opportunity to bless my family. That may sound like an odd thing to do, but it has to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life! For my birthday, my sister gave me a gift card for the Super Store..YAY! and my folks got us an ear thermometer and some china tea cups that were once my grandmothers. There were also some lovely dumpster dive gifts!! :)

After their visit we went with Grammie and Auntie Linda to the beach. The air was warm but the water was quite cold. That didn't stop Sean though! He had a great time splashing about and throwing sand in the water.

Now for the most ultimate cool part of the day....Marko's boss had booked a cottage but something came up and he offered it to us!!! And it was beautiful!! We invited some friends over and we played Pit for a good long time. It was so peaceful out there. No street lights or noise at all! We had a great night and Oh My Word the FOOD!! Yummmmmmy!! It was a wonderful breakfast! We enjoyed a lesiurely stroll to the beach and then it was check out time. We had a wonderful time! Such a fun and relaxing time!

Sean showing off his throwing skills.

All set for school! Just have to grow into Daddy's shoes.

The view from our cottage.

The cottage.

The front room.

The kitchen area.

Our bedroom. There was an additional bedroom with two double beds.

Just thought this was a cool shot. We took this on our stroll to the beach.

The happy and ultra relaxed couple!! ;)

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Mike said...

Looks like everyone had fun, except the dryer.