Friday, August 10, 2007

Mr. Guy Smilely is Back and I Have the Pictures to Prove It!

Yes, Sean is back to his super smilely pants self!! I am soooo happy with his as I'm sure he is too. His teeth are in, the rash is gone and so is little boy crabby pants. Although he does seem to resurface every now and again!

With Sean's health all improved he is delighting his family with all the little facts he has picked up here and there. He's caught on to colours and took his Grammie for a tour of the neighbourhood giving her the colour of each car she asked him about.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge of numbers which is pretty much just knowing the order from 1-10. This evening he pointed out the number 3 for me which I thought was pretty cool. But then I don't really know what kids at this age should be able to understand, so maybe you're not quite as impressed as we are about these things, but I think parents believe that anything their own child does is extra special!

His vocabulary continues to astound me! His words are getting clearer to understand and he's taking on big words like Dinosaur and Alligator. He's really getting into songs and trying to sing along with his favourites. He also absolutely loves it when you make up your own songs. He knows what his Mommy and Daddy's names are and our last name and can say them. I really like that he knows this mostly for safety reasons. (I may live to regret this later when he tells a stranger that Laura Peric likes to kiss his feet!!)

Now with all my unabashed bragging done, I'll let these sweet pictures speak for themselves.


Sarah said...

Some well deserved bragging up of your little man there. I could not believe how well he puts things together and catches on, he is ahead of his time. He is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet is not superlative enough !!