Friday, August 31, 2007

Peric Baby Pool

Note: This post will remain at the top of the ol' blog for awhile so everyone can get in their guesses.

Yes, it's time to put on your thinking caps and come up with some great predictions. This pool will be pretty much a do over of the one we had for Sean. So the information we're looking for is:
Date of arrival, including time of day.
Weight of the wee little one, including ounces. (the closer you are the better chance you have of winning)
And for kicks, how about a name or two (one for a girl and one for a boy would be nice) I have to admit that Marko and I are having a bit of an adventure trying to come up with names for this one, so all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
Oh and how about any suggestions for a new blog title since "Life with Sean" won't work all that well anymore...

So there you have it, leave your guesses in the comments and we'll see who will be the winner this time!!

Oh and so ya'll have a level playing field, the due date is set for January 17. And Sean was 9 lbs 5 oz and he was late. I can't say by how much since I was working with 3 different due dates...Nov 29, Nov 30 and Dec 2...Take your pick. :)

Good luck to everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Mare! I love this name. Erin, or aaron. Matthew. Emily, Jane, Dawn, or don.
Anyway, Due date?? Nov, 21?? 7 ponds 6 ounces. Yeah,

Sarah said...

Hmmm...I thing you will go a bit earlier for this one, January 14th, baby about 8lbs 10oz. When we were deciding baby names, I loved Griffin for a boy, but got made fun of :(
And if we had of had a girl, we would have named her Alexandra Mae. Feel free to take that one if you like it next time we will choose another girl name cause you can't use the same one for another baby. said...

Being now an expert in all-things baby-pool I shall defy reason and logic and guess with pure abandon for the limits of sanity that all shall see my predictions and tremble!!

Date: December 25th
Time: 4:44AM
Weight: 11pounds 3ounces
Gender: Male

Boy name: Gerald
Girl name: Sharon
(come on who wouldn't want to name their kid after your landlords!!)

Title: Instead of 'Life with Sean', after 2 kids it should be 'Life is GONE!' :)

Nancy T said...

Due date: January 20th
Time: 6:37am
gender: boy
names: Andrew, Owen, Hope (it would be sooo cool for a girl since it was your maiden name!!)Sarah, Emma
blog title: Party with the Perics (ok, so I'm not very creative this morning! ha ha)

Anonymous said...

Can I guess too? :)
I am going with
Jan 24th,2008
9lbs 7 oz
21 inches

and name suggestions:
Laura Elizabeth (Beth)

~Kim :)

GloreyB said...

hey Laura - great topic here :O)

Ok - here is my estimate

Girl 7# 15oz January 9

Hmmmmm name for girl: Miah Hope Peric (After Nehemiah - the obedient builder of broken walls - in 52 days no less!) And of course, your maiden name...

for a boy: Isaiah Mark Peric

Name of blog: Blessed X 2

How exciting is this stage eh? It's all good :O) Love Gloria

Anonymous said...

I am doing this blind not having seen your belly so here it goes . I'll go with
weight:7lbs. 8oz
Date:January 21st.
Time 10:59pm
Name Rebecca Meris
Auntie Bernie

Mike Thomas said... seek the mystical knowledge of the sages do you grasshopper?
Here is my predictions...I see into the crystal ball...and I see a date...yes a date. One of your sons will date a girl named Jill...but that's too far ahead. I'll bring it back for you grasshopper...

January 23, 2008....
8 lbs, 10oz...
Faith...Raia (beauty in greek)...Jill

and finally I see....I see....www.pericsbyperics/

Brian said...

I will go with January 18. A nice Friday baby. And I'll say it's a boy.
For the name part, I have a system. In next year's hurricane name list Laura and Marco[sic] are back to back. In 2011 Sean is
on the list. For a boy's name, you'd have to look at the name in front of Laura next year, which is... Kyle.
If it's a girl, then Sean is back to back with... Tammy.
Blog title: Perics A-Plenty!
Oh, I didn't give a weight. Let's say 8lbs 7oz.

Sarah said...

I change my date to a new years baby!! and it is going to be a girl..same weight I put before :)

isabel said...

Hi I have been doing work on our family tree .Nanny Power's Mom was Mary Anne and so was her grandmother. Other female names in the Kelly's from back in the 1800s were Bridget and Susanna[I wish I had known this when I was naming our girls]. Boys born to John and Margaret Kelly who came to PEI in 1830 were James, John, Charles and Patrick. Mom's fathers name was Patrick too. Some of his siblings were Thomas, Catherine, Owen,Margaret,Elizabeth, and Mary along with the other names I gave you were used in this generation too.
Date:January 3rd
Time: 10;00am
Weight :9 pounds 15ozs
gender: girl
Name Susanna Mae
Blog name:Life with Two