Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Ultrasound is Tomorrow...

and I'm excited about it!!

Marko's mom and sister as well as Sean are coming for the big event. And for those of you that live in just about anywhere else other than here, they won't tell you the sex of your baby at the ultrasound...they just won't. In the letter you receive with the date of your ultrasound it even tells you not to bother asking because they won't that said I have heard that there is at least one nurse there that will tell you. Only thing is I don't know who she is or how you find out. And at any rate Marko still wants it to be a surprise anyways so I guess we'll find out what we're having sometime in January!

Today I was asking Sean if he thought he'd get a brother or a sister and he said sister. I thought that was cute, so I asked him again just before bed when Daddy was there to check out this mini prophet, and again he said a sister. But then I wondered if his answer had anything to do with the order I put his options in, so I asked him again but said a sister or a brother and lo and behold he chose brother. So I guess Sean isn't much into prophecy after all :)

The other day Brian and Bonnie and Abby came for a visit. Just before they arrived I told Sean of the upcoming visit and you would have thought that I just told him that a chocolate cake filled with cookies was soon to arrive, he was soooo excited. But let me just say that this excitement did not even come close to comparing to the excitement he had when they were actually here visiting!!!

You would have thought that he had just eaten a cake full of cookies and ice cream. OH MY WORD!! He was such a show off...He was all like, look Abby I can climb furniture!! Look Abby I can jump..A LOT!! Look Abby I can throw my toys!! Look Abby I can totally ignore my parents!! It was unbelievable...I was floored.

This morning Sean was ultra cute!! Usually, after I change his bum I toss him (gently) on the bed beside Marko where he waits while I get some clothes for him. Well this morning he scooted right up beside Daddy and pulled some blankets over himself and said, "Good Night." then "Mommy coming?" And how could I resist, I plopped his clothes on the end of the bed and crawled in beside my sweet little angel. And he smiled back and said, "Good Nap." Then he sat right back up, only to flop down and cover himself up in the blanket!! Soooo cute!

Just thought I'd include a picture of my humble little garden. There are bean plants and peas in the back row an then the front is different types of herbs.

Checking out the garden.

Tell me this isn't cute?!!!

I love his little yellow boots.

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