Monday, August 13, 2007

What a Crazy Fun Weekend!!

Had an absolute blast this weekend my friends, I tell you it was like being a kid again and let me tell you being a kid for just a few hours is AWESOME!! Our great friend Mike Thomas set up this super fun and exciting game for a bunch of us to play Saturday afternoon. We were in groups of three (or in our case 4) and we all congregated at Victoria Park where all the fun began. From there we raced into the woods to find as many gold coins as we could, bring em back to Mike for clues to more loot which was all over the city!! We got off to a great start and never looked back! ( I'll tell you, I haven't been this excited about gold coins since I found a bag of them filled with chocolate in my stocking when I was 12 and that was even after I had accidentally sprayed some perfume on my tongue!!!)

The game was over by 3:30 and our team managed to bring in the most coins and victory was OURS!!! Weeeeee!! After the game we grabbed a couple ice creams and talked about the game with fellow competitors. All in all I would say everyone had a GREAT time!!!

While Marko and I were playing the game, Grammie and Auntie Linda were looking after Sean. They had a great day together. They went visiting and then stopped at Buzzie's for supper. Would you believe that Sean actually ate and enjoyed a plate of chicken fingers?!!! I was totally floored when they told me! Turns out he likes them best when dipped in honey!! Who knew?! Also he seems to think he can spell. Grammie and Linda were trying to get a fly out of the car and were spelling f-l-y so as not to upset Sean but he caught on and started saying "fly, fly." Now he may have seen the fly and figured it out that way but then when we were all home at bed time, Grammie spelled it for him again and he said fly again! So we thought that was cool!

Then Sunday night about 30 of us landed on Malcolm's doorstep for some BBQ and meteor shower show. The food was fantastic and the meteor shower proved to be pretty good too, although some of us got sore necks from staring straight up for so long. Thanks Matt for letting us lean on your car!

This week is going to pretty busy. I had a 6 hour work day today (which for me is unusual), tomorrow (Tuesday), Nancy and I are going to Halifax (Sean will be hanging out with his Auntie), Wednesday and Thursday I'm helping out at the Exhibition for Old Home Week (that keeps me busy from 8-4:30) and then on Friday it's Parade day and I have another 4 hour shift with my oldies!! Fun, fun, fun!!

How is your week looking?!

Here are some cute pics:

Nothing quite like eating breakfast with your sunglasses on. The ultimate in cool!!

Bet you didn't know that Baby Jesus drove a bus...full of wisemen and shepherds.

Our sweetie pie. I think he really looks like my Uncle Frank in this one.

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