Friday, September 21, 2007

Super Sweet Surprises

Yesterday was indeed a day of wonderful surprises...The kind of surprises you savour and enjoy!

I went to work and left Sean with his cousin Sarah. Sean absolutely LOVES Sarah, while we were waiting for her to arrive he was all "Sarah, Sarah, come Sarah!" And when she pulled up he was saying hi and smiling to beat the band. Anyhoo, the two of them went on a little excursion to Old Navy and picked up the most adorable dragon costume I've ever seen. Check out our little Trogdor:

How sweet is that eh?!

Little Mr. Smiley Pants!

We'll have to take him around to our friend's places so they can enjoy seeing this ultra adorable dragon of many smiles!! Not only did Sarah give Sean the costume but she also got him a ball that he wants to play with all the time! Every time we head out the door now, Sean grabs his new ball and he's set to start throwing it and kicking it all over the lawn!

Our next surprise was very sweet indeed!! Every day Sean and I go to check the mail together. This is another of Sean's favourite things to do. He likes to carry the mail key and try his hand at opening the box. I have to say he's getting pretty good at it with Mommy's help. Well when we checked the mail yesterday there was actually a letter there addressed to Sean!! Sean's very first piece of mail. It had stickers on it and a lovely letter from Grammie Peric in it. Sean was mighty pleased to have his own piece of mail:

Just gonna sit right down and read this right now!!

"I wish Grammie was here so I could thank her for my letter!"

And our last surprise was to find out that when Gerry has the time to go get it, we will have the neighbour's swing set in our backyard!! Sean will love having a swing set so close to home!

Sean and his new ball.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

News, News, News!!

Yes, I have news 2 pieces that I'm not entirely excited about but the last little bit, I'm totally excited about.

So this past Sunday just before we were about to head out the door, Marko poured a sippy cup of Brita filtered water for Sean when he decided to also get himself a glass...No big deal really, he just put the Brita down to grab a glass and no sooner had he put the Brita down then Sean was making a grab for it. Alas and alack, it was far too heavy for Sean and it slipped out of his little grasp and came crashing down on the floor. It cracked and shattered and spewed out all kinds of water into a lovely little puddle on the floor...this all before heading out the door!

Our next little adventure was one in creativity. I had laundry to fold which I usually do on our bed. Sean loves to play on our bed which makes folded laundry not all that folded anymore. So in what I can only describe as a stroke of genius, I put Sean in his booster seat, taped a piece of paper to the tray, whippped out his crayons and let him have at it! I pulled his chair right in front of the bedroom door frame so that he could see me and I him...All should be well, I naively thought. As I was tucking together the last pair of socks I happened to glance over at Sean. What I saw was less than pleasing to the eye, for the crayon in his hand was not only NOT touching the piece of paper that I had so painstainkinly taped to his tray, but it was making several passes on the DOOR FRAME!! And to make matters worse this wasn't the first crayon to go all off-roading on our house. It was like a crayon party had erupted on the door frame! Needless to say that was the end of colouring time today!

Next adventure was in measurements. I decided to see how tall the boy had grown since 16 months...would you believe he grew like 2 inches?!! The boy is about an inch and a half away from being 3 feet tall! I could hardly believe it.

My next bit of news has next to nothting to do with me or my family. But it has everything to do with my good friend Mary Evans and her family!! She just delivered their second child this past Saturday!! A good sized little lad of 8lbs, 6 oz! His name is William and what a cutie he is too!! Congratulations, Mary, Danny and Peter!!

Pretty sweet eh?!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So What's New?

Well it seems that fall is here as much as I don't want to admit it. With the temperature today only getting up to a balmy 14 degrees it's hard to deny that the seasons are changing. Thankfully my garden still has a few days left to grow before the frost sets in. I've actually managed to bring in enough peas and beans to steam them and have them for lunch. Must say there's nothing quite so satisfying as eating something right out of your own garden.

Sean is doing great. We have a great daily routine that includes play time at home and at the park just about everyday, weather permitting. He gets to watch his two favourite shows, Curious George (or as he puts it "Monkey George") and Thomas. His bedtime routine has a new twist that makes Marko and I nearly bust a gut. As he is bouncing about on our bed he'll hold up his two little index fingers and then say, "One, two...FREEEE" and it is at this exact moment that he would like either Marko or I to throw a pillow at him!! He loves it! As soon as he gets back up he's squealing and counting all over again!

The pregnancy is going well. I'm feeling great for the most part. It's when I push myself too far that I end up feeling gross. I finally finished giving my kitchen the ultimate clean up the other day and afterwards I felt miserable. I forget that I really shouldn't get too crazy with the lifting and the scrubbing and what not at this stage in the game. Still, I'm glad that I got the kitchen done.

This is Sean's favourite thing to do at the park in our subdivision. As soon as he gets out of his stroller he wants to spend at least 10 minutes just pushing it about by himself.

Time to go home.

"MMMMmmm, yummy popsicle!"

"Good to the last bite!"

Checking out the bus in the parking lot at the school playground. Sean is absolutely fasinated by all things with wheels but especially buses!

Not quite as big as the wheel.

Interesting choice for a seat!

Slide time!!

Here comes the boy!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mapping it Out

Here's a couple pics of our little guy attempting to point out where Grammie and Auntie Linda are.

Hmmm, close but no, Grammie and Auntie Linda don't teach in Somolia

Okay so here he's just happy! This may take some work.

Tonight we went out with some friends for supper at Pizza Delight and I am pleased as punch to say that Sean did very well!! He squealed now and then but ate his supper happily...well that is after he tried to toss one of his mini wheats to Troy...guess he thought Troy needed an appetizer! Sean was hamming it up with the waitresses and was quite determined to have each of them acknowledge him. As they walked by he'd let out a little happy hello and when they spoke to him he would just smile up at them. They were charmed I'm sure!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Summertime Memories

He is 21 Months Now!

He's nearly 2!! Can you believe it? How quickly time goes when you're chasing a toddler around!! He is quite the independent little guy. He no longer wants my help coming down the stairs. He goes on the playground equipment by himself (just some stuff I won't let him go up or down) He tries to put his shoes on by himself and of course there are the tantrums that occur when he doesn't get his way. The most interesting thing that's happened lately involves a doll that was mine when I was little. I had been cleaning up the spare room and came across the doll when Sean saw it and exclaimed "BABY!!" So I played along and dressed the baby up. We sat down with the baby and Sean was near giddy just looking at it. He'd kiss it and hug it. Then he tickled it, so I pretended to laugh like a baby. Sean thought this was hysterical. Then he got a bit rough with the baby so I pretended to make the baby cry. This really upset Sean, so much so that he cried and needed some consoling! I'm hoping that this won't be what will happen when baby #2 arrives!

So today was a bit interesting, I decided to finally give my kitchen the overall cleaning that it has needed for a very long time. I had the Comet and rubber gloves out to conquer all the dirt and grime. In the midst of my cleaning I left the Comet on the floor while I wiped down my cupboards...It wasn't until it was too late that I realized that Sean was being incredibly quiet except for this sorta raspy shaking can sound. I whirled around just in time to see him pour even more Comet onto the living room floor!! Needless to say I was not impressed with him or myself!! Thankfully Comet is easily dealt with on laminate flooring!

We have a world map up on our hallway wall where I've stuck push pins into PEI and Cyprus. So now Sean will go runing to the map and tap the pin on Cyprus and say "Grammie, Auntie Linda!" Every now and then when he hears noise from upstairs he'll say "Auntie Linda?" and I'll ask him where Auntie Linda is and he'll tell me, "Cyprus."

And finally, today when Sean and I were out for our walk we stopped by the garden to see how it was faring, and would you believe I was actually able to pick some produce out of my own little garden?!! And it was tasty...well I liked it, Sean tasted it then handed it to me saying, "Mommy eat."

Mmmm, yummy snow peas!

Hanging out on the playground.

Such a happy guy.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good was definetly my birthday! I had a great day! I had my appointment with my doctor and had the baby's due date moved up to the 8th of January, then we got the ultrasound pictures, which I now have framed and sitting in our living room. I hope you all haven't had too much trouble figuring out where the head and body and legs are. Sean got his haircut by Auntie Linda one last time. A few people think he looks much older now. One lady at church said how he looked like he was 3!! Grammie, Auntie Linda, Jennie and Sean and I went out for birthday ice cream. Sean really liked this part!! He also got a very special gift from Auntie Linda. It's a Thomas the Train Duplo set. He is quite enamoured with it! The boy loves anything and everything to do with Thomas!

That evening, Jennie babysat while we all went out to supper at the Dundee Arms. I LOVE this place! Not only do they give you a 10 dollar gift certificate for your birthday but they also have great food and good service!! We filled our bellies and then headed home for cake and ice cream and of course prezzies!! Marko gave me a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses and a new watch. Grammie gave me 4 pairs of lovely earings. Linda and Grammie gave me the Tea Tree shampoo I had asked for and Jennie gave me a lovely set from the Body Shop.

Now for the not so good part, what we could call the Bad. Yesterday we had to say good-bye to Grammie and Auntie Linda as they were heading back to Cyprus for the year. Sean for his part was far more interested in seeing airplanes than saying good-bye at the time. He still asks for them and we tell him that he'll get to talk to them on the phone and that seems to make things alright. We certainly do miss Grammie and Auntie Linda and look forward to having them back home next summer...

Now for the Ugly. I don't suppose any of you happened to go to Wal-Mart on Saturday say around 3:30 did you? And if you did, did you happen to hear that child that was screaming pretty near at the top of his lungs to be put down on the floor? Or maybe did you see him as he took off running at top speed once his poor father decided to let him down? And then maybe you saw this same said lad get scooped back up into his Daddy's arms and in a fit of frustration he paddy-wacked his Daddy's face?!! Did you see that?!


Then consider yourself spared. I could only watch in horror as my sweet son had this complete melt down in the VERY busy Wal-Mart. We were there to get my new watch adjusted. I could have kicked myself for coming in on a Satuday of a long weekend before school starts!! Talk about courting disaster!! To add insult to injury we had to get the jewellry department associate paged like 4 times before someone realized that she was doing cash! Then to top it all off, she wasn't able to adjust the watch. I picked out a different one but I think it'll still need an adjustment as well. That said I'm going to wait awhile before I go back into that zoo again!! Phew!

After birthday supper.

My bouquet.

Just so cute in his dinosaur pjs!

Sean and his train set...Note the extreme concentration of sticking out his tongue as he pushes Thomas along.