Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good was definetly my birthday! I had a great day! I had my appointment with my doctor and had the baby's due date moved up to the 8th of January, then we got the ultrasound pictures, which I now have framed and sitting in our living room. I hope you all haven't had too much trouble figuring out where the head and body and legs are. Sean got his haircut by Auntie Linda one last time. A few people think he looks much older now. One lady at church said how he looked like he was 3!! Grammie, Auntie Linda, Jennie and Sean and I went out for birthday ice cream. Sean really liked this part!! He also got a very special gift from Auntie Linda. It's a Thomas the Train Duplo set. He is quite enamoured with it! The boy loves anything and everything to do with Thomas!

That evening, Jennie babysat while we all went out to supper at the Dundee Arms. I LOVE this place! Not only do they give you a 10 dollar gift certificate for your birthday but they also have great food and good service!! We filled our bellies and then headed home for cake and ice cream and of course prezzies!! Marko gave me a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses and a new watch. Grammie gave me 4 pairs of lovely earings. Linda and Grammie gave me the Tea Tree shampoo I had asked for and Jennie gave me a lovely set from the Body Shop.

Now for the not so good part, what we could call the Bad. Yesterday we had to say good-bye to Grammie and Auntie Linda as they were heading back to Cyprus for the year. Sean for his part was far more interested in seeing airplanes than saying good-bye at the time. He still asks for them and we tell him that he'll get to talk to them on the phone and that seems to make things alright. We certainly do miss Grammie and Auntie Linda and look forward to having them back home next summer...

Now for the Ugly. I don't suppose any of you happened to go to Wal-Mart on Saturday say around 3:30 did you? And if you did, did you happen to hear that child that was screaming pretty near at the top of his lungs to be put down on the floor? Or maybe did you see him as he took off running at top speed once his poor father decided to let him down? And then maybe you saw this same said lad get scooped back up into his Daddy's arms and in a fit of frustration he paddy-wacked his Daddy's face?!! Did you see that?!


Then consider yourself spared. I could only watch in horror as my sweet son had this complete melt down in the VERY busy Wal-Mart. We were there to get my new watch adjusted. I could have kicked myself for coming in on a Satuday of a long weekend before school starts!! Talk about courting disaster!! To add insult to injury we had to get the jewellry department associate paged like 4 times before someone realized that she was doing cash! Then to top it all off, she wasn't able to adjust the watch. I picked out a different one but I think it'll still need an adjustment as well. That said I'm going to wait awhile before I go back into that zoo again!! Phew!

After birthday supper.

My bouquet.

Just so cute in his dinosaur pjs!

Sean and his train set...Note the extreme concentration of sticking out his tongue as he pushes Thomas along.

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mary e said...

Happy (late!) birthday! I missed my champagne birthday, being 1 on the 1st I don't think my parents would have given me much anyway...

Don't worry about the meltdown. We've all been there. I don't take Peter shopping if I can at all avoid it. If he's still doing it when he's 25, you can worry then, but otherwise you're fine!