Thursday, September 06, 2007

He is 21 Months Now!

He's nearly 2!! Can you believe it? How quickly time goes when you're chasing a toddler around!! He is quite the independent little guy. He no longer wants my help coming down the stairs. He goes on the playground equipment by himself (just some stuff I won't let him go up or down) He tries to put his shoes on by himself and of course there are the tantrums that occur when he doesn't get his way. The most interesting thing that's happened lately involves a doll that was mine when I was little. I had been cleaning up the spare room and came across the doll when Sean saw it and exclaimed "BABY!!" So I played along and dressed the baby up. We sat down with the baby and Sean was near giddy just looking at it. He'd kiss it and hug it. Then he tickled it, so I pretended to laugh like a baby. Sean thought this was hysterical. Then he got a bit rough with the baby so I pretended to make the baby cry. This really upset Sean, so much so that he cried and needed some consoling! I'm hoping that this won't be what will happen when baby #2 arrives!

So today was a bit interesting, I decided to finally give my kitchen the overall cleaning that it has needed for a very long time. I had the Comet and rubber gloves out to conquer all the dirt and grime. In the midst of my cleaning I left the Comet on the floor while I wiped down my cupboards...It wasn't until it was too late that I realized that Sean was being incredibly quiet except for this sorta raspy shaking can sound. I whirled around just in time to see him pour even more Comet onto the living room floor!! Needless to say I was not impressed with him or myself!! Thankfully Comet is easily dealt with on laminate flooring!

We have a world map up on our hallway wall where I've stuck push pins into PEI and Cyprus. So now Sean will go runing to the map and tap the pin on Cyprus and say "Grammie, Auntie Linda!" Every now and then when he hears noise from upstairs he'll say "Auntie Linda?" and I'll ask him where Auntie Linda is and he'll tell me, "Cyprus."

And finally, today when Sean and I were out for our walk we stopped by the garden to see how it was faring, and would you believe I was actually able to pick some produce out of my own little garden?!! And it was tasty...well I liked it, Sean tasted it then handed it to me saying, "Mommy eat."

Mmmm, yummy snow peas!

Hanging out on the playground.

Such a happy guy.

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Anonymous said...

wow I think it is sweet that he cried when he thought he hurt the "baby". I would love to see the map on the wall. You can write on it with a white board marker.
Grammie Peric