Wednesday, September 19, 2007

News, News, News!!

Yes, I have news 2 pieces that I'm not entirely excited about but the last little bit, I'm totally excited about.

So this past Sunday just before we were about to head out the door, Marko poured a sippy cup of Brita filtered water for Sean when he decided to also get himself a glass...No big deal really, he just put the Brita down to grab a glass and no sooner had he put the Brita down then Sean was making a grab for it. Alas and alack, it was far too heavy for Sean and it slipped out of his little grasp and came crashing down on the floor. It cracked and shattered and spewed out all kinds of water into a lovely little puddle on the floor...this all before heading out the door!

Our next little adventure was one in creativity. I had laundry to fold which I usually do on our bed. Sean loves to play on our bed which makes folded laundry not all that folded anymore. So in what I can only describe as a stroke of genius, I put Sean in his booster seat, taped a piece of paper to the tray, whippped out his crayons and let him have at it! I pulled his chair right in front of the bedroom door frame so that he could see me and I him...All should be well, I naively thought. As I was tucking together the last pair of socks I happened to glance over at Sean. What I saw was less than pleasing to the eye, for the crayon in his hand was not only NOT touching the piece of paper that I had so painstainkinly taped to his tray, but it was making several passes on the DOOR FRAME!! And to make matters worse this wasn't the first crayon to go all off-roading on our house. It was like a crayon party had erupted on the door frame! Needless to say that was the end of colouring time today!

Next adventure was in measurements. I decided to see how tall the boy had grown since 16 months...would you believe he grew like 2 inches?!! The boy is about an inch and a half away from being 3 feet tall! I could hardly believe it.

My next bit of news has next to nothting to do with me or my family. But it has everything to do with my good friend Mary Evans and her family!! She just delivered their second child this past Saturday!! A good sized little lad of 8lbs, 6 oz! His name is William and what a cutie he is too!! Congratulations, Mary, Danny and Peter!!

Pretty sweet eh?!

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Sarah said...

what a beautiful new baby boy!