Sunday, September 16, 2007

So What's New?

Well it seems that fall is here as much as I don't want to admit it. With the temperature today only getting up to a balmy 14 degrees it's hard to deny that the seasons are changing. Thankfully my garden still has a few days left to grow before the frost sets in. I've actually managed to bring in enough peas and beans to steam them and have them for lunch. Must say there's nothing quite so satisfying as eating something right out of your own garden.

Sean is doing great. We have a great daily routine that includes play time at home and at the park just about everyday, weather permitting. He gets to watch his two favourite shows, Curious George (or as he puts it "Monkey George") and Thomas. His bedtime routine has a new twist that makes Marko and I nearly bust a gut. As he is bouncing about on our bed he'll hold up his two little index fingers and then say, "One, two...FREEEE" and it is at this exact moment that he would like either Marko or I to throw a pillow at him!! He loves it! As soon as he gets back up he's squealing and counting all over again!

The pregnancy is going well. I'm feeling great for the most part. It's when I push myself too far that I end up feeling gross. I finally finished giving my kitchen the ultimate clean up the other day and afterwards I felt miserable. I forget that I really shouldn't get too crazy with the lifting and the scrubbing and what not at this stage in the game. Still, I'm glad that I got the kitchen done.

This is Sean's favourite thing to do at the park in our subdivision. As soon as he gets out of his stroller he wants to spend at least 10 minutes just pushing it about by himself.

Time to go home.

"MMMMmmm, yummy popsicle!"

"Good to the last bite!"

Checking out the bus in the parking lot at the school playground. Sean is absolutely fasinated by all things with wheels but especially buses!

Not quite as big as the wheel.

Interesting choice for a seat!

Slide time!!

Here comes the boy!

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Sarah said...

That looks like an awesome park for Sean to have a great time at!