Friday, September 21, 2007

Super Sweet Surprises

Yesterday was indeed a day of wonderful surprises...The kind of surprises you savour and enjoy!

I went to work and left Sean with his cousin Sarah. Sean absolutely LOVES Sarah, while we were waiting for her to arrive he was all "Sarah, Sarah, come Sarah!" And when she pulled up he was saying hi and smiling to beat the band. Anyhoo, the two of them went on a little excursion to Old Navy and picked up the most adorable dragon costume I've ever seen. Check out our little Trogdor:

How sweet is that eh?!

Little Mr. Smiley Pants!

We'll have to take him around to our friend's places so they can enjoy seeing this ultra adorable dragon of many smiles!! Not only did Sarah give Sean the costume but she also got him a ball that he wants to play with all the time! Every time we head out the door now, Sean grabs his new ball and he's set to start throwing it and kicking it all over the lawn!

Our next surprise was very sweet indeed!! Every day Sean and I go to check the mail together. This is another of Sean's favourite things to do. He likes to carry the mail key and try his hand at opening the box. I have to say he's getting pretty good at it with Mommy's help. Well when we checked the mail yesterday there was actually a letter there addressed to Sean!! Sean's very first piece of mail. It had stickers on it and a lovely letter from Grammie Peric in it. Sean was mighty pleased to have his own piece of mail:

Just gonna sit right down and read this right now!!

"I wish Grammie was here so I could thank her for my letter!"

And our last surprise was to find out that when Gerry has the time to go get it, we will have the neighbour's swing set in our backyard!! Sean will love having a swing set so close to home!

Sean and his new ball.

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