Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's a Fall Giveaway!!


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In my internet surfing today I noticed quite a few blogs that were hosting a fall giveaway. Interested in finding more freebies I clicked on the above image and hit pay dirt!! Over 400 blogs offering all kinds of wonderful prizes such as jewelry, books, soaps and much much more! I must admit I ran around to a lot of different blogs entering as many giveaways as I could! After much exited entering I started to feel a bit guilty about not offering something on my blog. After much thought I have decided to give away a photo! I have posted a selection to choose from so if there is one there you like just leave me a comment stating which one you might like to have. I will send a 5x7 print to the winner. I will make the draw on November 2nd and I'll post the winner here so be sure to check back to see if you won!

I admit I am no expert photographer but I figure since it's a giveaway you'd overlook my amateur photography.

Icy Evening
Ice Storm
The Old Farmhouse

A Quiet Day at the Beach


Yellow Love

Splash of Orange

Sun and Sea



Wild at Heart

Beach Path


Nature Wonder

Lazy River

The Boardwalk

Forest Path

Peaceful Lookout

Coastal Majesty

Red Rock

Sunday, October 28, 2007

How Embarassing....

Today while we were at the park Sean experienced what could be called his first embarassing moment. He had been busy running around the playground with Abby when he came bounding over to Bonnie and me. He ran right into my arms and as I was giving him a hug I happened to look down and notice something peeking out of Sean's pant leg. I could hardly believe my eyes! There was his diaper pretty near all the way down on the poor little guy's shoe! I picked him up and headed for the car for a quick change...the diaper fell off before I got there but thankfully Daddy was two steps behind and quickly scooped up the diaper and disposed of it. My, my dropping his diaper right in front of Abby, his bestest friend in the whole wide world!

Lately Sean has been out of sorts, quite cranky and clingy and really not his usual super smilely self. At church today he wouldn't stay in the nursery unless I stayed and even then everything seemed to be a highly emotional event. He was constantly coming over for hugs and consoling. I was so confused. I couldn't for the life of me, figure out what was going on. I checked his temperature and that seemed normal enough and nothing else at the time clued me in as to what might be my little man's problem. It wasn't until we got home that I really got a chance to watch him and see what might be the bigger problem and I think we have it...More teeth are attempting to make an appearance! Sean has been drooling like mad and stuffing his hand in his mouth about where the new molars should be coming in! Whooopeeee! Tonight was a bit a struggle to get Sean to go to bed and stay there but by 7:30 he was off to dreamland! Phew...Yay for Tylenol!

Just thought I'd give you all the heads up now that come January sometime (that is whenever baby #2 decides to make his/her grand appearance) the ol' blog will be changing. I'm already working on the new site and can't wait for ya'll so see it! I've got a new name, new template, new address for it too! And don't worry a link to the new blog will be posted on this one. All my posts from this blog will also being making the move to the new one. I'm really looking forward to getting the new site going!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Am I Going to Do with This Boy?!

On Saturday while we were at the park, Sean made an "interesting" discovery. He and Abby were meandering about checking out the place when they spied a dark lumpy thing on the ground. Before Marko or Brian could stop them, Sean picked up the puppy poop and threw it in the air, while Abby took a more subtle approach and merely poked at a piece. YUCK! Needless to say Brian ran to the car hauled out the wipes and those two have never had their hands wiped so meticulously!

Speaking of picking things up, Sean loves to pick things up and put them in their proper place. For example, if Sean and I are playing blocks and he notices that I've finished my coffee, he will stop what he's doing to grab my mug and put it on the counter. In another example, when we're in the bathroom for bath time and I've taken Sean's diaper off and folded it up he likes to take it to the garbage bin...that is unless the toilet cover is up, in which case it's always a good idea (to Sean anyways) to see if diapers float in toilet water!! This is funny now...not so funny when it happened.

Sean apparently is eager to start going to work. Usually on Saturdays Marko and Sean will drive me to work and pick me up again after I'm done. This past Saturday when they showed up to take me home, Sean was quite adamant that he had to go to work. Marko had just unstrapped him from the car seat and he was off like a shot heading up the drive way to head into my oldie's place. I met him at the top of the driveway and he kept telling me, "Sean work, Sean work." I managed to convince him that it was time to get back in the car and eat a yummy biscuit I had made that afternoon. He went for it! phew.

In case you're wondering, Sean is loving the big boy bed and his big boy room. He has had better naps in there than he had been in his crib. Today he slept for nearly 3 hours. And at night he runs right in there to get tucked in and sang to. He'll chat and kick the wall for while but soon he is off to dream land for the night. We have had a couple wake ups but all we have to do is scoop him up sing a song or two and tuck him right back into bed and that's it! Yay!

And finally I wish I had pictures for you, cause the boy is just sooo cute. Especially when we go out in the backyard to play with the leaves. He absolutely LOVES playing in the leaves. I'll rake them up into a big pile and the two of us will flop in there kick up all the leaves around us. You should hear the gales of laughter coming from Sean! I love it too, lets me act like a little girl again and enjoy the fun of autumn!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

FYI: My name is Sean's Mommy

Yes, I was informed this evening that my name is Sean's Mommy. While bouncing about on our bed Sean took a quick time out to get everybody's name straight. He started with himself. He pointed at his belly and said, "My name Sean." Then he looked up at me gleefully and pointed at my belly and said, "You name Sean's Mommy." And without skipping a beat he beamed over at Marko and said, "And you name is Sean's Daddy!" That's our sweetie pie!

Oh and the boy has a great little imagination going on. This afternoon he lined up the cubes (our makeshift type coffee table) and then scrambled up on one and said, "Sean choo choo train!" So cute, then he pretended it was a bus and went through all the actions to the Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Time to Think Pink!!

If you didn't know already October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! To celebrate different companies are doing different things. For instance Casio has a great deal on a digital camera:
"This October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Casio, Inc. will release a special-edition camera bundle, featuring a pink EX-Z75, a camera case embossed pink stitching and a pink ribbon-clad lanyard to show their proud support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). "http://www.casiousa.com/
And guess what else? One of my favourite blogs ( 5 Minutes for Mom) is having a contest to win one of these sassy little cameras:
Now I realize the odds of me actually winning this camera are all but nill (last time I checked there were well over a thousand hopefuls signed up!) it's still a great cause to promote! My mom is not only a breast cancer survivor she is also a brain tumour survivor! And I only found out today that October is also Brain Tumour Awareness month! http://www.braintumour.ca/
Now with all my shameless plugs for cameras and charities out of the way I can tell you about Sean. He is doing great with his big boy bed. We put his old crib mattress down beside his bed for any more possible "incidents" but he hasn't had a fall since! The potty training is well...let's just say it's going. This evening in the tub he spied the toilet paper and said "Sean bum wipe, bum wipe!" So I thought what the heck, and passed him some t.p and he happily wiped his littly tushy and plunked the t.p in the toilet! Too funny!
The pregnancy is going great just gearing up for the third and final trimester! I can hardly believe it. We have just about everything together for the baby's arrival so that's a load off my mind. Spent last evening cleaning the infant car seat, the bouncy seat and a couple other items. I went through Sean's old infant sleepers and whatnot to find some gender neutral outfits to put in the baby's dresser. It was so neat to look and hold those things and remember Sean once being small enough to fit in them!
In other news my cousin (whom I rarely see) was on the local news the other day. Mom told me tonight so Marko and I searched for the news story and lo and behold there he was! I was chuffed! Here's his pic:

This is my cousin Jeff, my Mom's oldest brother's son. My uncle and his family have lived out west since I can remember and it's always great to catch up with them. I was really grateful to see Janet and her daughter the weekend we were in NS and now it's cool to see Jeff on tv!! (Oh and it was great to see uncle John too :) Don't want him to feel left out or anything.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Developing Routines

Sean really seems to be doing well with his big boy bed. Although he did fall out of bed around midnight. We got to him quickly and put him back in and he went right back to sleep. Then about an hour before he usually wakes up he fell out again and he didn't really fall back to sleep after that. Nap time went very well and tonight he went down quite well. Phew!

In other news we have seriously begun the trail to toilet training. I must admit that after Sean's first big pees in the pot I got pretty lax in getting him trained. But after talking to other moms and doing a little research I've come up with what for us, will be the most doable method. Sean already has a good daily routine so adding something like going to the potty is easily done. At this point I take him to the potty after meal times and naps. Now and then he also chooses to go potty when I do. We've had some success already so I'm encouraged by this. I'm also encouraged by how willing Sean is to sit on the pot and at least try. The cutest part is that he likes to sit and look at magazines. Specifically he likes to look for pictures of cars or trucks or vans while he sits. Honda just recently sent us the fall magazine and Sean is LOVING it!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

So Far So Good...

Last night after the initial resistance, everything went really smoothly. Sean stayed in bed until 6:30 this morning which is pretty normal for him.

This afternoon was a bit of a struggle for Marko to get him down for his nap but down he went and was out for an hour and a half. Tonight he went down without a peep! I can hardly believe it. Here's hoping he stays in bed all night again tonight!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Celebrating Number 4 and a New Sleeping Arrangement

So yesterday was the big 4 year anniversary for Marko and I. We celebrated it quietly with a delicious pot roast with yummy veggies and cake for dessert. We followed it up with the movie The Sentinel and popcorn. It was so very relaxing and enjoyable!

Tonight marks Sean's big step into being a big boy. He has officially moved into his own room and tonight he is sleeping in his own big boy bed! Crazy as it seems, I'm finding this milestone really hard! I was super excited when he started talking and walking but this one just feels like it's too soon. I want him to grow up but part of me is sad to see him leave his babyness behind.

Tonight I even had a piece of McCain deep and delicious cake with one lit candle for him to celebrate this big accomplishment. He was mighty pleased with the cake! His sweet little face was all aglow in the candle light happily anticipating the first sweet bite of icing!

Now, the actual getting Sean into the bed and staying there was a bit of a feat. He seemed excited at first but when reality hit that we were leaving him in the bed for the night he was not impressed at all. He wailed and hopped out of bed and came right to the door. We came back in cuddled him some and sang to him and then plopped him back into bed. And when I say plopped I really mean wrestled him back into bed. Again we told him we loved him and then out we went. He wailed, hopped out of bed and we were back in to tuck him in again. It took about 4 runs of this before he finally settled in and fell asleep. He was down by 7pm (not bad when you consider we started putting him down a little after 6:30) and is still sleeping soundly...mind you it's only 9pm now and who knows what the rest of the night will be like.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Our Happy Thanksgiving

We had a most delightful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. We headed for the mainland Sunday morning and stayed over until Monday night. It was so very nice to actually stay over and not just rush in, eat and rush right back out. I owe a great big thank you to my uncle Frank and aunt Holly. They lent us the use of their camper. And my word what a camper! It had all kinds of space and it was so comfortable. We were going to have Sean sleep out there too but in the end he slept in my mom's office. It worked out really well, everyone got a great night's sleep and were ready to eat lots more food in the morning! Oh the food that we ate! It seemed anytime you turned around we were eating something! I loved it!

I was really impressed with how Sean handled the trip. He was great in the car and on the boat. He had a great time meeting and playing with other children in the playground area. He slept soundly in his play pen overnight in a strange place and even had a nap the next day. Sean got some special time with just Gramma and Gampa and he had a great time! Apparently he just asked for me twice and then just settled in playing with his Grampa. Sean was really taken with his auntie Karina though. When I got him from his playpen in the morning his first words were, "Auntie Karina?" and he kept asking for her until she got up...which he may have had some help in getting done.

In other news, this weekend marks a big transition time for the Perics. Sean is moving into his own room and into his own "big boy" bed. Since he was about 3 or 4 months he has been sleeping in his crib in the little storage room off of our bedroom. Sean seems really eager to get into his bed. At nap time he wanted to sleep there instead of in his crib. I'm not sure what to expect from him and what he might do once the bed is a reality but hopefully we'll get through this milestone okay. I would show you pictures of his room but alas and alack I think our camera may finally be actually dead. I dropped the poor thing once again but this time on the ceramic floor (FYI I will never ever willing buy or rent another living space that has ceramic tile, it just is too unforgiving). Marko has tried several times to fix it but with no luck so I'm not sure when we'll have pictures on the ol' blog again.

Now for pictures from the weekend. These were taken by auntie Karina and her camera.

Our wonderful abode for the weekend.

One very happy camper.

On the road again...

Trying to walk off all the food we've eaten!

Grampa and Sean...so cute together.

Grama and Sean, almost tooo cute together.

And isn't this just the sweetest picture of all time?!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

He Loves to Count

Sean is really getting into the whole counting thing. He wants to count everything. Not that he gets the amount right but hey he's having a good time. And apparently he's not so partial to the number 4. Without fail as he goes through the numbers from 1 to 10 he leaves 4 out every time. And he sorta makes seven and eight sound like one number. It's pretty cute though. I'll have to get it on camera for yas.

So ever have this happen to you?
You're having a not so great day, you know you're coming down with something as your nose apparently has no shut off valve and your dripping all over the place (now how is that for a mental image eh?) and your son seems to know how to press each and every one of your buttons. Then when you're trying to collect your sanity, he tries to seat himself at the table and from your point of view he clunks his head on the bottom of the table so you tell him to get off the chair but he doesn't and proceeds to have a fit right there on the chair. In response you get up all in a huff telling him he should just get off the chair and it isn't until you're right beside him that you realize his little arm is tightly wedged between the rungs in the back of the chair! I felt soooo bad for him. Poor guy, probably wanted to get off the chair more than I wanted him to but he couldn't. Thankfully he's no worse for wear, and hopefully next time I'll try using some patience instead of going right into huff mode!

Today as Sean and I were leaving the park a dog and her owner came by and Sean was instantly enthralled with the puppy. He did his best woofs for her and her owner let the dog inspect Sean. It was pretty cute. Both the owner and I assumed that after a few minutes the dog would want to move on and we'd all go our seperate merry ways. Not so for this dog. She was quite taken with Sean and didn't want to walk unless Sean and I were beside her. It was pretty cute. Sean loved it!

And in other exciting news, Blogger is letting me post pictures today so here are the ones I wasn't able to get up before.

My down on the farm boy!

The Perics, The Hopes and Beppe.

This is Marin, my cousin's daughter. Isn't she a sweetie?!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Attempting to Blog

It has been awhile and now when I'd like to share some photos of the past weekend Blogger deccides that it just isn't going to happen. Oh well, at least it let me have one cute one.

Isn't he sweet?

This past weekend we were in Nova Scotia to celebrate my Beppe's (that is my grandmother) 90th birthday. It was a quick visit but a fun one. It was really great to see my relatives from out west! I haven't seen them in a very long time. It was especially nice to see my cousin Janet and her sweet baby girl Marin. Sean enjoyed all the hub bub but when things got to be a bit much he and Daddy would go for walks or find a toy to play with.

Getting to and from the mainland was also a fun time for Sean. On the ferry there was a group of girls who were eating ice cream that he was particularly interested in. He would duck under the table and peek up at them and smile like a mad man. I couldn't be sure if he was more interested in them or their ice cream! :)

Tonight as Marko and I were tucking Sean into bed, I asked him who he loved. His answer: Jesus. From the mouth of babes.