Friday, October 12, 2007

Celebrating Number 4 and a New Sleeping Arrangement

So yesterday was the big 4 year anniversary for Marko and I. We celebrated it quietly with a delicious pot roast with yummy veggies and cake for dessert. We followed it up with the movie The Sentinel and popcorn. It was so very relaxing and enjoyable!

Tonight marks Sean's big step into being a big boy. He has officially moved into his own room and tonight he is sleeping in his own big boy bed! Crazy as it seems, I'm finding this milestone really hard! I was super excited when he started talking and walking but this one just feels like it's too soon. I want him to grow up but part of me is sad to see him leave his babyness behind.

Tonight I even had a piece of McCain deep and delicious cake with one lit candle for him to celebrate this big accomplishment. He was mighty pleased with the cake! His sweet little face was all aglow in the candle light happily anticipating the first sweet bite of icing!

Now, the actual getting Sean into the bed and staying there was a bit of a feat. He seemed excited at first but when reality hit that we were leaving him in the bed for the night he was not impressed at all. He wailed and hopped out of bed and came right to the door. We came back in cuddled him some and sang to him and then plopped him back into bed. And when I say plopped I really mean wrestled him back into bed. Again we told him we loved him and then out we went. He wailed, hopped out of bed and we were back in to tuck him in again. It took about 4 runs of this before he finally settled in and fell asleep. He was down by 7pm (not bad when you consider we started putting him down a little after 6:30) and is still sleeping soundly...mind you it's only 9pm now and who knows what the rest of the night will be like.


Shawn said...

Good luck guys! Sylas has been 'dropping in' around 2AM every night. Hope Sean does well!

Sarah said...

Happy 4th Anniversary to you and Marko!! Hope Sean did well with his first night in the big boy bed!

Bonnie said...

Happy 4th Anniversary to you two! Also, happy first night of big bed change over to Sean. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!! Wow - where does the time go! Congratulations to you both and way to go Sean! ha ha! You sure do have parents that love you SO much - you are a blessed little boy!