Sunday, October 14, 2007

Developing Routines

Sean really seems to be doing well with his big boy bed. Although he did fall out of bed around midnight. We got to him quickly and put him back in and he went right back to sleep. Then about an hour before he usually wakes up he fell out again and he didn't really fall back to sleep after that. Nap time went very well and tonight he went down quite well. Phew!

In other news we have seriously begun the trail to toilet training. I must admit that after Sean's first big pees in the pot I got pretty lax in getting him trained. But after talking to other moms and doing a little research I've come up with what for us, will be the most doable method. Sean already has a good daily routine so adding something like going to the potty is easily done. At this point I take him to the potty after meal times and naps. Now and then he also chooses to go potty when I do. We've had some success already so I'm encouraged by this. I'm also encouraged by how willing Sean is to sit on the pot and at least try. The cutest part is that he likes to sit and look at magazines. Specifically he likes to look for pictures of cars or trucks or vans while he sits. Honda just recently sent us the fall magazine and Sean is LOVING it!


Nancy Drew (odd I know) said...

why don't you put a little board up against his bed... It attaches to the bed. It will keep hime from falling out.

Lorie Dawn said...

Yeah, all three of my kids used it. It works very well.

Laura said...

Hi Nancy and Lorie! Thanks for the comments. I had thought about putting up a board or gate of some sort but with Sean, I suspect he would see it as a climbing apparatus! I put his old crib mattress down beside the bed instead. Thankfully, he hasn't had anymore falls.