Thursday, October 18, 2007

FYI: My name is Sean's Mommy

Yes, I was informed this evening that my name is Sean's Mommy. While bouncing about on our bed Sean took a quick time out to get everybody's name straight. He started with himself. He pointed at his belly and said, "My name Sean." Then he looked up at me gleefully and pointed at my belly and said, "You name Sean's Mommy." And without skipping a beat he beamed over at Marko and said, "And you name is Sean's Daddy!" That's our sweetie pie!

Oh and the boy has a great little imagination going on. This afternoon he lined up the cubes (our makeshift type coffee table) and then scrambled up on one and said, "Sean choo choo train!" So cute, then he pretended it was a bus and went through all the actions to the Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.

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Susanne said...

Your little fella is adorable! I noticed you were from PEI. I'm from Alberta. It's always fun finding another Canadian blogger. Do you know of this lady from PEI. She's got a lovely site too!