Thursday, October 04, 2007

He Loves to Count

Sean is really getting into the whole counting thing. He wants to count everything. Not that he gets the amount right but hey he's having a good time. And apparently he's not so partial to the number 4. Without fail as he goes through the numbers from 1 to 10 he leaves 4 out every time. And he sorta makes seven and eight sound like one number. It's pretty cute though. I'll have to get it on camera for yas.

So ever have this happen to you?
You're having a not so great day, you know you're coming down with something as your nose apparently has no shut off valve and your dripping all over the place (now how is that for a mental image eh?) and your son seems to know how to press each and every one of your buttons. Then when you're trying to collect your sanity, he tries to seat himself at the table and from your point of view he clunks his head on the bottom of the table so you tell him to get off the chair but he doesn't and proceeds to have a fit right there on the chair. In response you get up all in a huff telling him he should just get off the chair and it isn't until you're right beside him that you realize his little arm is tightly wedged between the rungs in the back of the chair! I felt soooo bad for him. Poor guy, probably wanted to get off the chair more than I wanted him to but he couldn't. Thankfully he's no worse for wear, and hopefully next time I'll try using some patience instead of going right into huff mode!

Today as Sean and I were leaving the park a dog and her owner came by and Sean was instantly enthralled with the puppy. He did his best woofs for her and her owner let the dog inspect Sean. It was pretty cute. Both the owner and I assumed that after a few minutes the dog would want to move on and we'd all go our seperate merry ways. Not so for this dog. She was quite taken with Sean and didn't want to walk unless Sean and I were beside her. It was pretty cute. Sean loved it!

And in other exciting news, Blogger is letting me post pictures today so here are the ones I wasn't able to get up before.

My down on the farm boy!

The Perics, The Hopes and Beppe.

This is Marin, my cousin's daughter. Isn't she a sweetie?!!

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