Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Our Happy Thanksgiving

We had a most delightful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. We headed for the mainland Sunday morning and stayed over until Monday night. It was so very nice to actually stay over and not just rush in, eat and rush right back out. I owe a great big thank you to my uncle Frank and aunt Holly. They lent us the use of their camper. And my word what a camper! It had all kinds of space and it was so comfortable. We were going to have Sean sleep out there too but in the end he slept in my mom's office. It worked out really well, everyone got a great night's sleep and were ready to eat lots more food in the morning! Oh the food that we ate! It seemed anytime you turned around we were eating something! I loved it!

I was really impressed with how Sean handled the trip. He was great in the car and on the boat. He had a great time meeting and playing with other children in the playground area. He slept soundly in his play pen overnight in a strange place and even had a nap the next day. Sean got some special time with just Gramma and Gampa and he had a great time! Apparently he just asked for me twice and then just settled in playing with his Grampa. Sean was really taken with his auntie Karina though. When I got him from his playpen in the morning his first words were, "Auntie Karina?" and he kept asking for her until she got up...which he may have had some help in getting done.

In other news, this weekend marks a big transition time for the Perics. Sean is moving into his own room and into his own "big boy" bed. Since he was about 3 or 4 months he has been sleeping in his crib in the little storage room off of our bedroom. Sean seems really eager to get into his bed. At nap time he wanted to sleep there instead of in his crib. I'm not sure what to expect from him and what he might do once the bed is a reality but hopefully we'll get through this milestone okay. I would show you pictures of his room but alas and alack I think our camera may finally be actually dead. I dropped the poor thing once again but this time on the ceramic floor (FYI I will never ever willing buy or rent another living space that has ceramic tile, it just is too unforgiving). Marko has tried several times to fix it but with no luck so I'm not sure when we'll have pictures on the ol' blog again.

Now for pictures from the weekend. These were taken by auntie Karina and her camera.

Our wonderful abode for the weekend.

One very happy camper.

On the road again...

Trying to walk off all the food we've eaten!

Grampa and Sean...so cute together.

Grama and Sean, almost tooo cute together.

And isn't this just the sweetest picture of all time?!!

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mary e said...

Congratulations on the 'big boy' bed! We only had Peter in one in the middle of August - a bit rushed to get him out of the crib before the baby came (although he's still in the bassinet tho not for long). Now wait and see if he figures out he can escape... Peter knows he can get out of bed, but hasn't cottoned onto leaving his room yet...