Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Am I Going to Do with This Boy?!

On Saturday while we were at the park, Sean made an "interesting" discovery. He and Abby were meandering about checking out the place when they spied a dark lumpy thing on the ground. Before Marko or Brian could stop them, Sean picked up the puppy poop and threw it in the air, while Abby took a more subtle approach and merely poked at a piece. YUCK! Needless to say Brian ran to the car hauled out the wipes and those two have never had their hands wiped so meticulously!

Speaking of picking things up, Sean loves to pick things up and put them in their proper place. For example, if Sean and I are playing blocks and he notices that I've finished my coffee, he will stop what he's doing to grab my mug and put it on the counter. In another example, when we're in the bathroom for bath time and I've taken Sean's diaper off and folded it up he likes to take it to the garbage bin...that is unless the toilet cover is up, in which case it's always a good idea (to Sean anyways) to see if diapers float in toilet water!! This is funny now...not so funny when it happened.

Sean apparently is eager to start going to work. Usually on Saturdays Marko and Sean will drive me to work and pick me up again after I'm done. This past Saturday when they showed up to take me home, Sean was quite adamant that he had to go to work. Marko had just unstrapped him from the car seat and he was off like a shot heading up the drive way to head into my oldie's place. I met him at the top of the driveway and he kept telling me, "Sean work, Sean work." I managed to convince him that it was time to get back in the car and eat a yummy biscuit I had made that afternoon. He went for it! phew.

In case you're wondering, Sean is loving the big boy bed and his big boy room. He has had better naps in there than he had been in his crib. Today he slept for nearly 3 hours. And at night he runs right in there to get tucked in and sang to. He'll chat and kick the wall for while but soon he is off to dream land for the night. We have had a couple wake ups but all we have to do is scoop him up sing a song or two and tuck him right back into bed and that's it! Yay!

And finally I wish I had pictures for you, cause the boy is just sooo cute. Especially when we go out in the backyard to play with the leaves. He absolutely LOVES playing in the leaves. I'll rake them up into a big pile and the two of us will flop in there kick up all the leaves around us. You should hear the gales of laughter coming from Sean! I love it too, lets me act like a little girl again and enjoy the fun of autumn!

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