Friday, November 30, 2007

Celebrate Good Times...Come On!!

Oh my, what fun today was!! It was great to have Bonnie and Abby and Hannah, and Lori and Lindsay over for the big ol birthday bash. It had been a whole year since I'd seen Lori and Lindsay so it was great to see them again!

The kids had a great time together playing and opening presents. Sean got a real bowling set and a truck from Abby. He really loved the truck and enjoys taking the bowling ball around the house. From Lindsay he got a really cool Diego sippy cup that has a container that attaches to the bottom and he got a super cool bathtub toy that he absolutely LOVES!! I could hardly get him out of the tub tonight he was so entralled with it.

The kids were pretty funny about the cake. None of them really attempted to blow out the candles but you could see their excited anticipation about eating the cake...Sean especially. Before I could even get the cake cut, he had his hand in the icing. We decided it would be best if they all ate their cake shirtless, which for Sean was a very good idea! He had cake everywhere. The girls were much more particular about their cake... they actually used a fork to eat it. Sean has two scoops at the end of his arms that work far too well to be bothered with the likes of forks!!

After all the hub bub of presents, cake and then pizza it was high time for some naps! I got Sean carted off to bed and Bonnie put Abby in our bed while Lori and Lindsay headed home. I had a very nice quiet visit with Bonnie after that and it was wonderful.

Tomorrow was going to be Sean's family and friends birthday party but the weather doesn't look like it wants to cooperate. We're supposed to get around 5 to 10 cms of snow and then winds clocking around 80 kms. So my folks are going to stay put and come over Sunday instead. Can't wait to see them!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You Just Never Know What They're Going to Say

Thanks to the availabilty and generosity of friend's of mine (thank you Melissa, Kevin and Menita) I was able to go to work today.

When I arrived at my oldie's I was greeted by the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet. She's the daughter of my oldie's niece and I think she's around 3 or 4 years old. She has blonde hair and big blue eyes and she's inquisitve! As I was puttering about the kitchen she stood by the table and watched me dart about getting the ingredients I would need to make muffins. As I was reaching in a cupboard for the brown sugar and salt, she peered at me and asked, "What's on your shirt?" The shirt I was wearing at the time had the word hope written across the top of it and I assumed that this was what she was asking about and so I said, "It says hope."
She nodded but still not satisfied said, "No, what's in your shirt cause it has a lump."
Ahhhhh, now the lights go on. So I look all knowing at her and say, "Well, what could it be?..." And I winked at her.
So she says, "Do you have a baby in your belly?"
"Yes, I do." I replied.
"Is it a boy or a girl?" she inquired.
"Well, I don't know yet." I answered.
"Well what's it's name?"
"I'm not too sure about that either.."
"Will you have to go to the hospital to get it out?" She wanted to know.
"Well, yes darling I will."
After this brief exchange her curiousity seemed satisfied and she set to being my little shadow and standing beside me and asking me questions about how I was going to make muffins with the stuff I had out. Not too long into it, her mind drifted back to the baby that's in my belly.
"Do you have a baby and a belly in there?"
"Ummm, well yes, yes I do."
Brief pause...
"So how did the baby get in your belly?"
*choke* gasp* restrain giggle*
I looked down at those big blue eyes and answered, "I think that would be a great question to ask your mom when you see her next."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Could He Be a Future Bowler?

It seems that after watching the Curious George (or as we know him, Monkey George) epsiode about bowling, Sean has become quite enamoured with the idea. He really enjoys the episode and talks about it when he's not watching it. So today I set up a mini bowling alley for the boy. We don't have a store bought plastic set, but who needs one of those when you've got paper towel rolls around and a tent full of potential bowling balls.

Sean LOVED his new toy. His technique leaves a lot to be desired as his method is standing right beside the bowling pin and wacking it for all it's worth with the bowling ball. Then, once he tired of that trick, he decided it would be even more fun to BE the bowling ball. He set up the pins and then ran through them squealing with glee!

Monday, November 26, 2007

I Did it!!

Yipeee for me I tried out a new sewing project and I finished it!! I'm so surprised...I'm such a nervous seamstress. I'm always scared I'm going to read the directions wrong or not understand them or just do something so completely wrong that it totally messes up the project and leaves me feeling all dejected...But not tonight, with some help from Marko (if he hadn't helped I think I'd still be sweating it out) I managed to get it done...I'd tell you what I made but they're presents and I wouldn't want the recipients to find out before hand just in case they happen to pop by the blog before they receive it.

Anywhoo its late so I'm off to bed..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting Ready to Party!

Can you believe that our sweet darling of a boy will soon be TWO WHOLE YEARS OLD?! How crazy is that? I've asked him a couple of times lately how old he is and do you know what his answer is? "Five!!" My how he's aged! I'll correct him and say, "No Sean, you're two. Can you say I'm two?" And like a well trained parrot he'll say, "I'm two." Okay so now time to see if it stuck..."Sean, how old are you?" And with that gleeful twinkle in his eye he'll say, "FIVE!" Oh well...

This week Sean will be having two back to back birthday bashes. The first will one is this Friday with his friends Abby and Lindsay and their mothers. I'm really looking forward to it. I can't wait to see Lindsay, I haven't seen her in ages! Should be fun to see how the kids get along together too. The second birthday bash is on Saturday. My folks are coming over from the mainland and bringing the cake along with gifts for Sean and the cradle for baby number two. The boy is going to be on a cake and sugar high by the end of the weekend!!

In other news, and I'm somewhat hesitant to tell you this as I don't want to jinx things..but it looks like we may have been able to get Sean out of his whole getting out of bed right after being tucked in. Apparently, all we have to do is tell him that we love him very much and he isn't to get out of bed until morning. We reassure him that he's fine and doesn't need to get out of bed. This strategy has worked like magic so far...YAY!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Santa Claus Came to Town and We Missed It

And I have to say that I'm not sorry. Not that I have anything against the jolly old elf but there was no way on God's green earth that I was going to stand in the freezing cold to watch a parade go by this evening. Yes, today was the big Santa Claus Parade in Charlottetown. Marko and I talked about going to it, but in the end we came to the conclusion that this just isn't a Peric thing. Sean, to put it mildly, tolerated the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade in August when the weather was much more agreeable. So I couldn't really see him getting that much out of being bundled up and enduring a runny nose to watch flashy floats go by. And really, I couldn't see myself getting all bundled up and dealing with a runny nose either. We may be the party pooper Perics but at least we got to stay home where it was warm and dry, with lots of Christmas decorations and exceedingly less crazy traffic to deal with!

We did venture to the WalMart before the parade and Oh, My Word, the TRAFFIC! It was unbelievable! And people were making all kinds of horrible driving decisions. Such as entering an interesection when there is no possible space for you to exit it! When we were out and heading home, we got to an intersection where this happened and when we got a green light there was a car right in front of us trying to make the left turn! Thankfully there was enough room behind them that we could make our way through, but MAN how oblivious can you be?!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ever Have One of Those Days?!

Now this didn't happen today, today was actually a pretty good day.

This was a day not all that long ago. It was one of those days that I had to go to work. No big deal, Sean loves his cousin Sarah and they have a great time together. My first sign that this wasn't going to go, oh so great, was when Sean woke up from his nap quite unhappy. It was already 20 to 1 and I had to be to work for 1. So I quickly got Sean dressed and ready to go, we grabbed the car seat and proceeded to wait for Sarah in the driveway.

We waited, and we waited and we waited some more. When 1 o'clock came and went, I grabbed Sean and came back down to the apartment. Sean was not at all pleased with this change of events and began wailing..great.

I had no idea where Sarah was. I thought maybe I had forgotten to confirm with her the time so I checked good ol' Facebook and lo and behold I had confirmed the time. Okay, so maybe something is up, I'll just call her on her cell... I pick up our phone and it's dead, completely and utterly dead..the battery is really starting to go on the thing and I guess I had forgotten to place it on the charger...Oy! Oh and did I mention this is the only phone we have?! Well, we did have another one but I had given the handset to Sean to play with and I had absolutely no idea what I did with the rest of the phone.

So here I was thinking I don't know where my babysitter is, I can't call her, I can't call my oldie to tell her I'm going to be late and I have my toddler screaming in the living room! I remembered then, that our landlord was home upstairs. I glance over at Sean and decide to just go up by myself, he would just get confused and think that he was going to play toys up there. You can just imagine how much the screaming intensified as I ran up the stairs.

When I got there my landlord was on the phone which he quickly got off so I could use it. He asked me first if Sean was alright and I said that he was, he just thought that the babysitter was coming but she hasn't come yet and I'm trying to get a hold of her but I want to call my oldie to tell her I won't be coming...And just as I was uttering these last few words, my land lord looks behind my shoulder and says, "Is that your babysitter?" And yep, sure enough there she was! I felt really silly at this point.

Turns out she had class and her prof was a bit of a talker and went over time. Sean was very happy to see Sarah as well. Oh and did I mention that his was Halloween night?

Right after work Sean and I went into the apartment and got him changed into his dragon outfit, Marko came home and off we went to visit friends and show off Sean. Things were going pretty smoothly at first. Sean was loving the costume and enjoying the ride. He loved going to Mike and Nancy's but did not want to get back in the car...more tears, but they were quickly washed away when I offered him a chocolate bar. Yay, I thought. We headed to the next place in a sugar induced quietness. When we were just about to our next stop I looked back at Sean and his face was covered in chocolate, his hands were covered, parts of his costume were covered. I mentioned the situation to Marko. He asks if we brought his diaper bag along..I thought this was a silly time to be thinking about diapers, we needed to clean the boy not change him...But then Marko reminded me about why it is so handy to have diaper bags along...they have wipes in them!! ARGHHH, how could I have forgotten to pack the wipes...

Anyhoo, we got to Nick's and Sean was super cute for him and Danielle and by this time Sean was also looking for something to drink...another thing I had forgotten to pack. So they gave him a cup of juice that we could take with us. We piled back into the car, I handed Sean his drink and he promptly spilled it all over the front of his costume. HAHAHA. Good times!

We still went to Brian and Bonnie's, the kids had a great time together, that is until it was time to go. Sean most definetly did not want to go, he wanted to stay and play toys. After much booey hoooey we did get him back in the car. I still wanted to take him to Old Navy (that's where Sarah works and she was the one who got him the outfit) and I wanted to visit Jennie.

We make it to Old Navy and catch up with Sarah. Sean the entire time is much more interested in the balls they have there and the bench with the talking dog on it. Again as the time for leaving arrived, Sean started wailing! He wanted the puppy, he wanted the balls and he definetly did not want to go HOOOOOOMMMMEEE! Argh. I scopped him up and hustled him out to the car as fast as my pregnant body would let me.

At this point we decide it is time for home. None of us have had any supper and it's well past Sean's bed time. We did manage to get some supper into him and thankfully it didn't take much for him to drift off to dream land. But oh my, what a day!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Will NEVER Try This at Home Again!

Sean has been in desperate need of a haircut for some time now. I'd look at it and think, hmmm yeah, the boy needs a cut. It was pretty much in his eyes and well over his ears. My biggest thought now was, should I hold onto my money and snip it myself or just fork over the dough. I decided to go with cutting it myself, really wanted to do my sister in law proud with my mad cutting skillz...

First I thought I'd gauge Sean's reaction to the mere mention of getting his haircut so I asked him and he pretty near jumped right up off the floor and said YES! Great, I thought this will go GREAT! I grabbed the scissors and a raisin cookie (figured the cookie might keep him occupied) and plopped Sean in his booster seat. Before I even took a snip I told him what I was going to do and felt that he was going to be okay with it...Yeah, not so much...Not so much at all. He barely touched his cookie and any time I came close to his head with the scissors he would raise his little arms and flail them about. I did managae to make a few good passes on one side of his head so you know I was comitted to seeing this thing through...Oh my what an ordeal. After much tears and frustration I was able to trim his bangs and above his ears.

Oh, where is Auntie Linda when you need her?! Now, she could cut his hair! And I don't wonder that maybe Sean thought she was going to cut it and then when he realized that Mommy was going to do it, he wasn't too hip on the idea. I'm just glad that I can see his bright blue eyes and the tips of his ears again!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's All About Perspective

And the perspective is Sean's. Today while we were colouring together, Sean asked me to draw some balls. I drew a lot of circles and then some squares, rectangles and triangles. Sean did well recognizing his shapes but he seemed to like the circles the best. Then he pointed at two green circles that happened to be fairly close together. "This glasses," he said and he attempted to pick them up and put them on his face.

In the afternoon we headed out to the backyard for some fresh air and energy expending time. Sean loves picking up the sticks and poking the ground or the trees or just about anything that can be poked. Today he passed me a stick and said "colour!" and motioned toward a patch of mud at the base of a tree. He stepped right in with his own stick smooshed it all around in the mud and proceeded to colour the tree. Sean and I spent the better part of half an hour just colouring trees. Good times.

But do you know what even better times are?!! Let me tell you, for Sean it means bath time. And during bath time the ultimate in splashing good fun is to stuff the blue shower puff between his legs, hesitate for barely a moment and then just let yourself fall on your tush reapeatedly...So much fun!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

At The End of The Day

In case you've ever wondered how Marko and I end our day, you are about to find out. Lucky you!

Usually around 10:30 or 11:00 pm I'll start making tracks to the bedroom, Marko at this point is usually still puttering with his computer. I'll crawl in to bed and Marko will come in and we usually chat for awhile about just stuff in general. Sometimes we talk about our day or we'll discuss things we've read or seen or sometimes it's just nonsense stuff. I think we've had our best conversations just sitting up in bed. Once we've finally wound down our chit chat, we'll hold hands and pray together. After our prayer time we read a chapter from the Bible. This will take on any number of forms. Sometimes we'll read responsively, other times just one person will read or we'll recite a psalm togther (most often psalm 23). Now last night I was pretty tired so Marko was going to read a psalm to me. And just as he was saying that, he caught himself as he almost said that he was going to sing it. I thought it would be cool if he sang it to me so I asked him, hardly thinking that he would actually sing it. But sing it he did. He sang psalm 149. I was thrilled! And then a little stunned when he sang this verse: "Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds." I made him show me where it said that, I nearly died laughing! God certainly has a sense of humour!

So today was my prenatal appointment and it went great! Both the baby and I are doing wonderful. The new doctor asked about Sean, specifically his birth weight. When I told him 9 lbs 5 oz, his eyes bugged out of his head a bit. He did some more measuring and prodding and then told me that he didn't think this one would be so big! YAY! I'm all about not having another 9 pounder!

And finally, I just thought that I would mention that I've put comment moderation on. All that means is that before your comment shows up on the blog, it'll go to my email so that I read it first and publish it. The reason I did this was because there was a not so nice comment left on one of my older posts. It seems that some other site had linked to that post and all kinds of people were coming to the blog. So to spare ya'll of having to read such rot, I've done what I can to stop it from showing up.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Yes, tomorrow brings about the first of several every 2 weeks prenatal appointments. Yippee! And this time I won't be seeing my regular doctor I'll be seeing Dr.Knickle.

Tonight Sean had some interesting reasons why we should tuck him back into bed...the first time he definetly needed socks on. The second time he wanted his socks fixed. Seems they got a little bunched up. Third and final time he wanted his shirt fixed. Somehow his shirt got horribly bunched up..right under his chin. He actually came out with his shirt all pushed up under his chin...he wouldn't look up for fear the shirt would right itself without Mommy or Daddy there to help!! Too funny.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Wonderful Sunday Spent With Family

The Perics had a decidedly relaxed and most enjoyable day today. I was afraid I was coming down with a cold and Sean has had a bit of a runny nose for awhile so we decided to stay home from church and just relax and drink lots of liquids through the morning.

After Sean's nap we headed over to Grammie Isabel's for an amazing time of eating and gabbing! Many of you may be wondering whose Grammie this is well, she's mine..well kinda...Really she's Jennie's Grammie. When I first landed on the Island Jennie was pretty much the first person I met. I had just moved into MCC and she knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to hang out!! I couldn't believe my good fortune! We were instant friends. And being instant friends we were pretty near attached at the hip. If you saw one of us the other couldn't be far behind. Manys of times I would go with Jennie to her home and her Grammie's home and just generally hangout with her family to the point that I just became another sister/daughter/grand-daughter/niece.

But enough about how we became family, it was wonderful to spend the afternoon with them again. They had an amazing spread all set out. A turkey, two types of dressing, a roast and lotsa potatoes and veggies...Marko and I ate so much that we weren't even hungry at supper time. And oh, there was apple pie, cherry pie and ice cream for dessert! YUM!! Sean really enjoyed the ice cream, Ann got him a bowl and sat down with him to feed it to him..such service!! What I think Sean really enjoyed was all the people! He loved playing with Zack and pretending to be a train with him and he loved when Steven would pick him up and dangle him in the air. I loved just being there, watching Sean play and just relaxing with my extended family..

And would you believe I even have pictures for your enjoyment!!
From left to right: Zoey, Zack, Steven and the happiest boy on earth, Sean....Now I know it looks like Steven isn't the happiest of campers but the kids just love him and he loves them too!

Great Auntie Linda, Steven and Sean sharing some laughs!

What a smile!!

Isn't she just the sweetest?!

Having good times!

And then we put him to work...He looks impressed eh?!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's The Weekend

Yay for the weekend and all the blissful joy it brings!! I worked today and thankfully I didn't have to chase my oldie around the grocery store! I made soup, vacuumed and washed windows! Oh the excitement. When I got home there was a package for Sean so we immediately ripped into that!

It was a birthday present from Grammie! Sean was pretty excited and then he got even more excited once the wrapping paper was off and he was now the proud owner of a Thomas the Tank book! He had both Daddy and I read it. At supper time we got a call from Grammie so we told her just how happy Sean was with his new book! It even has a cd included so if Marko or I don't feel like reading, we can just pop in the cd and flip pages.

Tonight we had the gang over and played Singstar....Oh my land is that ever fun!! So many odd videos to watch and great to have your friends singing together and laughing at the same time! Now the gang is all out to Pat and Willy's for some half priced apps. I opted to stay home, I feel like I'm getting a cold so I thought it would be better to stay home and go to bed early and hopefully beat this thing before it gets any worse.

Friday, November 16, 2007

More Christmasy Goodness

Today Sean and I kept up the Christmasy goodness by making sugar cookies together. He was a great little helper, got right in there and pushed the cookie cutters right down into the dough. His favourite cookie cutter shape was the snowman, we made a lot of them!

In my rush to get my post up yesterday I forgot to mention one of the cuter things Sean did. The kitchen table was piled with Christmas decorations and it was lunch time. As we sat there munching our sandwiches, Sean noticed the string of snowmen lights. He pointed to them and kept calling, "snowman, snowman." So I picked one up and in my best snowman voice I said, "Hi Sean, how are you?" Well, Sean's eyes just lit right up like a, well like a Christmas tree. He was absolutely delighted that the snowman was talking to him. He quickly answered and said, "I'm good." And Sean and Mr.Snowman proceeded to have a lovely conversation. Covering topics such as what Sean was having for lunch, what did he do that day and what was he going to do next. It was soooo cute.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Decorating Can Be...

Fun, exciting, frustrating, delightful, down right overwhelming when you're working with your nearly two year old son!! My land today was a day! I felt like I spent most of my time telling Sean not to touch this and don't do that...I guess maybe I'm a bit of control freak or I'm obsessive compulisive about my Christmas decorating. It was super sweet though when he got all excited about Christmas just by seeing me put the tablecloth on the table...He just kept chanting "Christmas time, Christmas time."

But then when it came to the tree, well that's a whole different story. At first he seemed to only want to shake the tree (It's artificial). Then came the lights, he liked those okay but then wanted me to turn them off right away which I didn't so this became a prime reason for a minor melt down. But he got over it when I gave him the box of ornaments to look at. I'm grateful to say that we only lost one ornament in the process. Marko's penguin ornament lost it's head but if we can find some glue, the mighty penguin may yet find a place on our tree.

Just before bed Sean wanted some time to look at the tree. He wanted to count the teddy bears and of course touch them. Then he said good night to baby Jesus (I have our nativity scene displayed under our tree...hmmmm I guess I should explain that our tree is only about 4 feet tall so I have it on a table.) Then he said, "Sean done." and that was that.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

I mean really, what was I thinking yesterday when I decided to move all the living room furniture around?!! I'm how many months pregnant now and I actually thought this was a good idea?!!

Did I ever pay for that today! I am sooo sore. My walk now is more of a waddle, or at least it was today and there was absolutely nothing graceful or dignified about it!

I worked with my oldie today and we went grocery shopping as we do most days. I usually enjoy this job. I don't mind running up and down the aisles grabbing stuff and piling them in the cart but today was definetly different...There was no runnig of any sort, not even fast walking...heck I don't know that you could call what I did walking! This was the first time that I actually felt like I was chasing my oldie around the can she move!! It was all I could do to hobble behind her. I am very thankful to be home, in my big comfy rocker and writing on my blog!

While at my oldie's place I received a toy for Sean. It's a tent type dealy thing that you put small balls in. Sort of like his own mini ball pit. Sean was ecstatic to get this out! (Thanks Lauri Anne, who probably doesn't read this blog but I thought it would be nice to say thanks anyhoo) Sean will also soon get to play on playground equipment in his own backyard!! Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to haul the neighbour's equipment over to our backyard! YaaHooo! If this saves me trips down to the park then I'm all for it! Sean is one very fortunate little guy! And I am one very grateful Mommy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SoThis is My 401st Post!!

How cool is that?! Onward and upward to the many posts to come :)

Today was a great day. Sean and I made cookies together this morning. Chocolatey chip cookies to be exact. Sean loves to dump in the ingredients and stir things up! He even got his own cookie sheet to put the dough on. I think his favourite part though, was the taste testing...dude had like 3 cookies!

This afternoon after hauling out all the furniture in the living room to vaccuum in behind, I decided it was time to give the ol' living room a bit of a face lift. So I rearranged the furniture and I really love the new look and so far all of our company likes it too. We had Bible study this evening so it was great to get feedback on the new set up so soon. This would be a great time to have a camera to show you the new look but I guess we'll just have to wait a couple more weeks.

Yes, in a couple more weeks my family will be coming over to celebrate Sean's second birthday!! I can hardly believe it! Where has the time gone? Sean has already been talking about his birthday, I think he's really looking forward to eating cake! One of his favourite books to read is the Berenstain Bears Too Much Birthday. I'm still not certain on just what all will be done on Sean's birthday but I do know he'll be having cake! I also know that along with Sean's gifts, my folks will be bringing us a digital camera and a slow cooker!! While I am super psyched about the new camera, I am equally excited about the slow cooker. I can't wait to start using it!

Monday, November 12, 2007

So Whose Child Is He Anyways?!

1) He loves his bath time...definetly my son.
2) He loves peanut butter...definetly our son.
3) He loves peanut butter and chocolate together...most certainly Marko's son.
4) He absolutely LOVES peas!!......Say WHAT??!! Where did this come from? Neither Marko or I even like peas.

I'll eat them if they're on my plate but I certainly wouldn't voluntarily put them there. Marko wouldn't even eat them if they were on his plate. But Sean, he has a completely different outlook on the whole eating of peas! The way he eats them you would think they were THE most delicious thing to ever stuff in one's gob!

I still prepare veggies for Sean ahead of time. I like being able to pop open the freezer, throw a couple cubes of frozen veggies in a dish, zap 'em and give em to Sean. This way I know he's getting nutritious meals every time. Anyhoo, today I was doing up some peas for him and just as I was plopping them into the ice cube tray he came bounding over hoping to glean a few peas...Yeah, so he ate like half a trayful of peas!! It was pretty near lunch time anyways, but I have to say I was amazed at how many he managed to pack away!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just a Mish Mash...

Sort of like what the weather has been like here lately. One minute it's raining, then it's snowing, then it's raining again, but all the time it is WINDY. Oh so windy today! In fact while we were in church the power went out. That was interesting, first you're sitting there listening in the light, then you're trying to make out people's faces in the semi-darkness. The power did come back on by the middle of the message though. Sean did really well through the power outage. I thought he might get a bit antsy but nope, he just kept on a playing his little heart out.

We had a fairly quiet little afternoon as a family. It was definetly too miserable out to do anything outside so it was indoor activities for the Perics. Sean played toys while Marko and I chatted. Marko did an amazing job reading stories to Sean. He even had voices for the different characters! I must say it was hard to stiffle my laughter while he read. I spent a good part of the afternoon knitting and it was wonderful. It has been a very long time since I've sat down to knit and it was refreshing to get back at it again.

Did you know that the TD bank is wonderful? Well it is! This weekend Marko went in to take in a cheque and they are currently celebrating the fact that they have changed their hours, they're open every morning by 8 o'clock! And on Thursday and Friday they're open till 8pm!! Anyhoo, the best part about this is that they're giving away stuff!! Marko got a 2 dollar Timmy's card (so Jennie we're all set to go to Tim's sometime!!) and a free one month subscription to the National post and a free Globe and Mail. Sooo cool. And next week if you're one of the first 25 people in the bank you get a $10.00 gift card to Indigo! How cool is that! I sure wish Scotia Bank would do something like that. If not extend their hours than at least find something to celebrate by giving away lots of cool stuff!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Everything Should be Better with Peanut Butter On It

At least Sean would like to think that peanut butter should solve any culinary problem. This evening at supper Sean thought that he'd like a slice of tomato and we were happy to oblige him and passed one over. He made a brave attempt at tasting it then with a look of utter disgust he passed it back to Daddy and made this happy suggestion, "Peanut butter on it?" And Daddy's thought was sure, why not if it helps the tomato go down? So he buttered up the ol' tomato and passed it back to Sean. And with more gusto than before Sean made a brave nibble into the freshened up tomato. Unfortunately it just didn't do it for him, the pb was definetly a nice touch but just didn't hide all that is wrong with the taste of tomatoes in their natural state.

In other food related matters at a meal time not that long ago I told Sean to get his food in his belly. Sean looked knowingly at me, stopped his hands midway to his mouth and redirected to his belly and did his best to smoosh his food through his bib, shirt and skin to get that food in there, just like Mommy wanted...What a boy!

Friday, November 09, 2007

What Will He Come Up With Next?!!

This afternoon after nap time I told Sean he could have a special snack of some of Daddy's birthday cake. Sean was simply delighted with the prospect of yummy cake. Then he stopped dead in his tracks, looked up at me and in all sincerity said, "Peanut butter on it?" And to make sure I understood what he was getting at he kept wiping one finger over his other hand. Must be his father's son, as much as I love chocolate and peanut butter, I can't stand having them together.

Next, tonight during bath time Sean grabbed his yellow bucket and put the handle over his shoulder. He looked back at me and said, "Bye, bye."
"Where are you going Sean?" I inquired.
"Seeprus!" (Cyprus)
"Ahh, I see," I said, "and who will you see there?"
"GRAMMIE...Auntie Linda...yes...Sean go Seeprus?"
"Yes, darling some sweet day you will travel to Cyprus and visit Grammie and Auntie Linda."

Thursday, November 08, 2007

How About That Time Change Eh?

I thought it might be a bit of a stuggle to get Sean through the whole time change thing but not so much! The morning after he did wake up at 5 am and I quickly changed his diaper put him in dry pjs and told him that it was too early to be up and to go back to bed. And what do you think he said?! He said, "Yeah," in a sleepy little voice. So we put him back to bed and he slept until 7!! We were amazed! That said, he's gone back to waking up between 6:15 and 6:30 so the whole 7 thing was a bit of a fluke but I'm not complaining!

Just wanted to thank Linda and Sarah for their extras about Marko. It's so nice to have family and friends/coworkers who want Marko to know just how special he is to them too. Your comments were much appreciated! Also in birthday updates, the cake was scrumptious!! YAY. It was a recipe that I'd never tried before so I was a little nervous about it anyways but both Marko and Sean LOVED it! So I'd say it was a hit. Phew! Next time I try it I'll work on making it look pretty.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Today is Marko's Birthday!!

Yippeee my sweet hubby is 32 today! I made him a chocolate cake from scratch with a cream cheese frosting! It is only now that I am glad that I don't have a camera as this cake is not exactly all that esthetically pleasing. I'm hoping that what it lacks in presentation it will more than make up for in chocolately goodness!! I'm also making him a delicious chicken dinner with all the fixin's! Party time at the Perics!! YeeHaw we love to eat us some good food on our birthdays!! :)

My 32 reasons why Marko is an amazing man/husband/father

1) He loves the Lord with all his heart and all his soul and all his mind
2) He loves me even with all my faults, he still loves me...can you believe it?! What a guy!
3) He loves his sweet son to bits!
4) He is an amazing leader for our family
5) He is a great provider
6) He makes me laugh when I feel like crying
7) He gives the best hugs and kisses on the planet!
8) He cares about his friends very deeply.
9) He's a great singer!
10) He makes the best towers out of blocks for Sean to knock down
11) He gives the best back rubs!
12) He is a great listener
13) He still opens the car door for me!
14) He tells me I'm beautiful even when I feel like crap.
15) He gets up early in the morning to look after Sean while I take a shower.
16) He asks me what he can do to help even after coming home from a long day at work
17) He will take Sean outside to play so I can have a rest
18) He encourages me in my walk with the Lord
19) He knows how to help me with any computer type problems I might have
20) He makes everyday seem special
21) He is just so darn smart!
22) He loves to hold my hand any chance he gets!
23) He has a great sense of humour
24) He is faithful to his Lord, his family, his friends and his work
25) He is quick to apologize and forgive
26) He loves to learn new things
27) He is eager to take on new challenges
28) He blesses Sean and I every day
29) He is a great Bible study leader
30) He is my best friend
31) He loves the food I make for him!
32) He makes me want to be a better person just by who he is!

Happy Birthday Marko, I love you sooooooo very much!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pregnancy Update and Other News

So today I had another fun filled prenatal check-up. It was a pretty standard check-up. Everything looks great, I'm fine, the baby is fine so all is well in pregnancy land. And in case your are wondering the baby's heart rate is 160. According to some old wives tales that means its a girl but according to other old wives tales it means its a boy but according to science it doesn't mean a thing...besides the fact that the baby's heart is in fact beating. Apparently a normal heart rate for a fetus (girl or boy) is anywhere between 120 and 160...So there you go.

After the appointment we went to Pizza Delight for supper to celebrate Marko's birthday (which is tomorrow). If you didn't know, PD has a great deal where if it's your birthday you get to eat free and that's just what Marko did! Sean enjoyed some chicken nuggets and would you believe that he didn't even have honey on them?!! Everything went really well. Sean was well behaved, must say it was handy to have that tv situated in such a spot as to keep him entertained the entire time. But then came time to go, Marko went to settle our bill and I got to the buisness of getting Sean ready to head to the car. We were in a booth, so I just slid Sean's booster seat to the end so that his legs dangled over the edge, while I reached over to opposite bench to grab his coat and scarf...did I mention that he was still strapped in? Oh and he was a might bit wiggly...Yeah, do you see where this is going? Poor guy had no idea what was coming as he leaned over too far over and he and his seat made a bee line for the floor. I felt horrible. I quicky scooped him up and unbuckled him and gave him lots of hugs and reassurances. Thankfully it didn't take him long to get over it and get all bundled up to head home! Phew!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Good News!

Well, you'll be happy to notice that there are actual recent pictures of Sean in this post!! Yeeee Hawww, all of the pictures were taken by our good friend Nancy. We stopped by her and Mike's place on Halloween to share with them the cuteness that is Sean. I must say the boy does make a pretty cute little dragon! We stopped there and a couple of our other friend's places. Sean wanted to stay and play toys at Abby's house but it was time to head home by that point, it was well past his bedtime and he hadn't had his supper yet. Unless you count chocolate, chips and ice cream as a well balanced meal!! Sean got quite a few candies. When we were over at Mike and Nancy's one of the neighbour kids actually ran all the way over to us to make sure that Sean would get one of their treat bags!

Here's our little dragon:

Is he not just the sweetest?!

Ya gotta love that tail. When we stopped in to see Brian, Bonnie, Abby and Hannah, Abby grabbed a hold of the tail and trailed after Sean...that is until she tried pulling on it...Sean was not impressed.

The family shot.

I thought this picture of Sean and Mike hugging was just too precious!!

In other great news, there will be more recent photos of Sean appearing on the ol' blog around about the time of his birthday. At that time my family is coming over to celebrate and my sister (generous soul that she is) has bought us a new digi camera!! So there will more new pics and they'll keep on a coming!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Drumroll Please......

We have a winner folks!! Can you believe it?! First I just want to thank everyone who participated! THANK YOU! I must admit that I was completely flabberghasted at how many people responded and by all your lovely comments. As my sister in law would say I am chuffed!!

But now what you're all really here for...the winner is....

Emily from Raising Monkeys . Congratulations Emily!! Your print of Beach Path will be in your mailbox as soon as I get your info from you. You can email me at lauraperic at gmail dot com.