Tuesday, November 20, 2007

At The End of The Day

In case you've ever wondered how Marko and I end our day, you are about to find out. Lucky you!

Usually around 10:30 or 11:00 pm I'll start making tracks to the bedroom, Marko at this point is usually still puttering with his computer. I'll crawl in to bed and Marko will come in and we usually chat for awhile about just stuff in general. Sometimes we talk about our day or we'll discuss things we've read or seen or sometimes it's just nonsense stuff. I think we've had our best conversations just sitting up in bed. Once we've finally wound down our chit chat, we'll hold hands and pray together. After our prayer time we read a chapter from the Bible. This will take on any number of forms. Sometimes we'll read responsively, other times just one person will read or we'll recite a psalm togther (most often psalm 23). Now last night I was pretty tired so Marko was going to read a psalm to me. And just as he was saying that, he caught himself as he almost said that he was going to sing it. I thought it would be cool if he sang it to me so I asked him, hardly thinking that he would actually sing it. But sing it he did. He sang psalm 149. I was thrilled! And then a little stunned when he sang this verse: "Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds." I made him show me where it said that, I nearly died laughing! God certainly has a sense of humour!

So today was my prenatal appointment and it went great! Both the baby and I are doing wonderful. The new doctor asked about Sean, specifically his birth weight. When I told him 9 lbs 5 oz, his eyes bugged out of his head a bit. He did some more measuring and prodding and then told me that he didn't think this one would be so big! YAY! I'm all about not having another 9 pounder!

And finally, I just thought that I would mention that I've put comment moderation on. All that means is that before your comment shows up on the blog, it'll go to my email so that I read it first and publish it. The reason I did this was because there was a not so nice comment left on one of my older posts. It seems that some other site had linked to that post and all kinds of people were coming to the blog. So to spare ya'll of having to read such rot, I've done what I can to stop it from showing up.


KimG said...

LOL @ the saints sing aloud on their beds!Maybe Geo and I should read that Psalm tonight.
and wow.. 9lbs 5, we sure grow em big, don't we! The morning Liam (my 3rd) was born, I had an U/S, where the tech told me he was 6 lbs, give a pound either way. He sure gained weight fast, b/c he was born 6 hours later weighing 10lbs 8.5....
I hope you have a teeny baby girl!!

Laura said...

Oh my land! 10 lbs?!! And the u/s techie said only 6 that morning?! So crazy. Yeah, a teeny baby girl would be great in my books!