Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Decorating Can Be...

Fun, exciting, frustrating, delightful, down right overwhelming when you're working with your nearly two year old son!! My land today was a day! I felt like I spent most of my time telling Sean not to touch this and don't do that...I guess maybe I'm a bit of control freak or I'm obsessive compulisive about my Christmas decorating. It was super sweet though when he got all excited about Christmas just by seeing me put the tablecloth on the table...He just kept chanting "Christmas time, Christmas time."

But then when it came to the tree, well that's a whole different story. At first he seemed to only want to shake the tree (It's artificial). Then came the lights, he liked those okay but then wanted me to turn them off right away which I didn't so this became a prime reason for a minor melt down. But he got over it when I gave him the box of ornaments to look at. I'm grateful to say that we only lost one ornament in the process. Marko's penguin ornament lost it's head but if we can find some glue, the mighty penguin may yet find a place on our tree.

Just before bed Sean wanted some time to look at the tree. He wanted to count the teddy bears and of course touch them. Then he said good night to baby Jesus (I have our nativity scene displayed under our tree...hmmmm I guess I should explain that our tree is only about 4 feet tall so I have it on a table.) Then he said, "Sean done." and that was that.

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