Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Could He Be a Future Bowler?

It seems that after watching the Curious George (or as we know him, Monkey George) epsiode about bowling, Sean has become quite enamoured with the idea. He really enjoys the episode and talks about it when he's not watching it. So today I set up a mini bowling alley for the boy. We don't have a store bought plastic set, but who needs one of those when you've got paper towel rolls around and a tent full of potential bowling balls.

Sean LOVED his new toy. His technique leaves a lot to be desired as his method is standing right beside the bowling pin and wacking it for all it's worth with the bowling ball. Then, once he tired of that trick, he decided it would be even more fun to BE the bowling ball. He set up the pins and then ran through them squealing with glee!

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