Friday, November 23, 2007

Ever Have One of Those Days?!

Now this didn't happen today, today was actually a pretty good day.

This was a day not all that long ago. It was one of those days that I had to go to work. No big deal, Sean loves his cousin Sarah and they have a great time together. My first sign that this wasn't going to go, oh so great, was when Sean woke up from his nap quite unhappy. It was already 20 to 1 and I had to be to work for 1. So I quickly got Sean dressed and ready to go, we grabbed the car seat and proceeded to wait for Sarah in the driveway.

We waited, and we waited and we waited some more. When 1 o'clock came and went, I grabbed Sean and came back down to the apartment. Sean was not at all pleased with this change of events and began wailing..great.

I had no idea where Sarah was. I thought maybe I had forgotten to confirm with her the time so I checked good ol' Facebook and lo and behold I had confirmed the time. Okay, so maybe something is up, I'll just call her on her cell... I pick up our phone and it's dead, completely and utterly dead..the battery is really starting to go on the thing and I guess I had forgotten to place it on the charger...Oy! Oh and did I mention this is the only phone we have?! Well, we did have another one but I had given the handset to Sean to play with and I had absolutely no idea what I did with the rest of the phone.

So here I was thinking I don't know where my babysitter is, I can't call her, I can't call my oldie to tell her I'm going to be late and I have my toddler screaming in the living room! I remembered then, that our landlord was home upstairs. I glance over at Sean and decide to just go up by myself, he would just get confused and think that he was going to play toys up there. You can just imagine how much the screaming intensified as I ran up the stairs.

When I got there my landlord was on the phone which he quickly got off so I could use it. He asked me first if Sean was alright and I said that he was, he just thought that the babysitter was coming but she hasn't come yet and I'm trying to get a hold of her but I want to call my oldie to tell her I won't be coming...And just as I was uttering these last few words, my land lord looks behind my shoulder and says, "Is that your babysitter?" And yep, sure enough there she was! I felt really silly at this point.

Turns out she had class and her prof was a bit of a talker and went over time. Sean was very happy to see Sarah as well. Oh and did I mention that his was Halloween night?

Right after work Sean and I went into the apartment and got him changed into his dragon outfit, Marko came home and off we went to visit friends and show off Sean. Things were going pretty smoothly at first. Sean was loving the costume and enjoying the ride. He loved going to Mike and Nancy's but did not want to get back in the car...more tears, but they were quickly washed away when I offered him a chocolate bar. Yay, I thought. We headed to the next place in a sugar induced quietness. When we were just about to our next stop I looked back at Sean and his face was covered in chocolate, his hands were covered, parts of his costume were covered. I mentioned the situation to Marko. He asks if we brought his diaper bag along..I thought this was a silly time to be thinking about diapers, we needed to clean the boy not change him...But then Marko reminded me about why it is so handy to have diaper bags along...they have wipes in them!! ARGHHH, how could I have forgotten to pack the wipes...

Anyhoo, we got to Nick's and Sean was super cute for him and Danielle and by this time Sean was also looking for something to drink...another thing I had forgotten to pack. So they gave him a cup of juice that we could take with us. We piled back into the car, I handed Sean his drink and he promptly spilled it all over the front of his costume. HAHAHA. Good times!

We still went to Brian and Bonnie's, the kids had a great time together, that is until it was time to go. Sean most definetly did not want to go, he wanted to stay and play toys. After much booey hoooey we did get him back in the car. I still wanted to take him to Old Navy (that's where Sarah works and she was the one who got him the outfit) and I wanted to visit Jennie.

We make it to Old Navy and catch up with Sarah. Sean the entire time is much more interested in the balls they have there and the bench with the talking dog on it. Again as the time for leaving arrived, Sean started wailing! He wanted the puppy, he wanted the balls and he definetly did not want to go HOOOOOOMMMMEEE! Argh. I scopped him up and hustled him out to the car as fast as my pregnant body would let me.

At this point we decide it is time for home. None of us have had any supper and it's well past Sean's bed time. We did manage to get some supper into him and thankfully it didn't take much for him to drift off to dream land. But oh my, what a day!

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