Saturday, November 10, 2007

Everything Should be Better with Peanut Butter On It

At least Sean would like to think that peanut butter should solve any culinary problem. This evening at supper Sean thought that he'd like a slice of tomato and we were happy to oblige him and passed one over. He made a brave attempt at tasting it then with a look of utter disgust he passed it back to Daddy and made this happy suggestion, "Peanut butter on it?" And Daddy's thought was sure, why not if it helps the tomato go down? So he buttered up the ol' tomato and passed it back to Sean. And with more gusto than before Sean made a brave nibble into the freshened up tomato. Unfortunately it just didn't do it for him, the pb was definetly a nice touch but just didn't hide all that is wrong with the taste of tomatoes in their natural state.

In other food related matters at a meal time not that long ago I told Sean to get his food in his belly. Sean looked knowingly at me, stopped his hands midway to his mouth and redirected to his belly and did his best to smoosh his food through his bib, shirt and skin to get that food in there, just like Mommy wanted...What a boy!

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