Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting Ready to Party!

Can you believe that our sweet darling of a boy will soon be TWO WHOLE YEARS OLD?! How crazy is that? I've asked him a couple of times lately how old he is and do you know what his answer is? "Five!!" My how he's aged! I'll correct him and say, "No Sean, you're two. Can you say I'm two?" And like a well trained parrot he'll say, "I'm two." Okay so now time to see if it stuck..."Sean, how old are you?" And with that gleeful twinkle in his eye he'll say, "FIVE!" Oh well...

This week Sean will be having two back to back birthday bashes. The first will one is this Friday with his friends Abby and Lindsay and their mothers. I'm really looking forward to it. I can't wait to see Lindsay, I haven't seen her in ages! Should be fun to see how the kids get along together too. The second birthday bash is on Saturday. My folks are coming over from the mainland and bringing the cake along with gifts for Sean and the cradle for baby number two. The boy is going to be on a cake and sugar high by the end of the weekend!!

In other news, and I'm somewhat hesitant to tell you this as I don't want to jinx things..but it looks like we may have been able to get Sean out of his whole getting out of bed right after being tucked in. Apparently, all we have to do is tell him that we love him very much and he isn't to get out of bed until morning. We reassure him that he's fine and doesn't need to get out of bed. This strategy has worked like magic so far...YAY!

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