Sunday, November 04, 2007

Good News!

Well, you'll be happy to notice that there are actual recent pictures of Sean in this post!! Yeeee Hawww, all of the pictures were taken by our good friend Nancy. We stopped by her and Mike's place on Halloween to share with them the cuteness that is Sean. I must say the boy does make a pretty cute little dragon! We stopped there and a couple of our other friend's places. Sean wanted to stay and play toys at Abby's house but it was time to head home by that point, it was well past his bedtime and he hadn't had his supper yet. Unless you count chocolate, chips and ice cream as a well balanced meal!! Sean got quite a few candies. When we were over at Mike and Nancy's one of the neighbour kids actually ran all the way over to us to make sure that Sean would get one of their treat bags!

Here's our little dragon:

Is he not just the sweetest?!

Ya gotta love that tail. When we stopped in to see Brian, Bonnie, Abby and Hannah, Abby grabbed a hold of the tail and trailed after Sean...that is until she tried pulling on it...Sean was not impressed.

The family shot.

I thought this picture of Sean and Mike hugging was just too precious!!

In other great news, there will be more recent photos of Sean appearing on the ol' blog around about the time of his birthday. At that time my family is coming over to celebrate and my sister (generous soul that she is) has bought us a new digi camera!! So there will more new pics and they'll keep on a coming!

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Sarah said...

I love Sean's costume! Brayden was also a dragon. The picture of the three of you is really nice!