Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Will NEVER Try This at Home Again!

Sean has been in desperate need of a haircut for some time now. I'd look at it and think, hmmm yeah, the boy needs a cut. It was pretty much in his eyes and well over his ears. My biggest thought now was, should I hold onto my money and snip it myself or just fork over the dough. I decided to go with cutting it myself, really wanted to do my sister in law proud with my mad cutting skillz...

First I thought I'd gauge Sean's reaction to the mere mention of getting his haircut so I asked him and he pretty near jumped right up off the floor and said YES! Great, I thought this will go GREAT! I grabbed the scissors and a raisin cookie (figured the cookie might keep him occupied) and plopped Sean in his booster seat. Before I even took a snip I told him what I was going to do and felt that he was going to be okay with it...Yeah, not so much...Not so much at all. He barely touched his cookie and any time I came close to his head with the scissors he would raise his little arms and flail them about. I did managae to make a few good passes on one side of his head so you know I was comitted to seeing this thing through...Oh my what an ordeal. After much tears and frustration I was able to trim his bangs and above his ears.

Oh, where is Auntie Linda when you need her?! Now, she could cut his hair! And I don't wonder that maybe Sean thought she was going to cut it and then when he realized that Mommy was going to do it, he wasn't too hip on the idea. I'm just glad that I can see his bright blue eyes and the tips of his ears again!

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