Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's The Weekend

Yay for the weekend and all the blissful joy it brings!! I worked today and thankfully I didn't have to chase my oldie around the grocery store! I made soup, vacuumed and washed windows! Oh the excitement. When I got home there was a package for Sean so we immediately ripped into that!

It was a birthday present from Grammie! Sean was pretty excited and then he got even more excited once the wrapping paper was off and he was now the proud owner of a Thomas the Tank book! He had both Daddy and I read it. At supper time we got a call from Grammie so we told her just how happy Sean was with his new book! It even has a cd included so if Marko or I don't feel like reading, we can just pop in the cd and flip pages.

Tonight we had the gang over and played Singstar....Oh my land is that ever fun!! So many odd videos to watch and great to have your friends singing together and laughing at the same time! Now the gang is all out to Pat and Willy's for some half priced apps. I opted to stay home, I feel like I'm getting a cold so I thought it would be better to stay home and go to bed early and hopefully beat this thing before it gets any worse.

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