Friday, November 16, 2007

More Christmasy Goodness

Today Sean and I kept up the Christmasy goodness by making sugar cookies together. He was a great little helper, got right in there and pushed the cookie cutters right down into the dough. His favourite cookie cutter shape was the snowman, we made a lot of them!

In my rush to get my post up yesterday I forgot to mention one of the cuter things Sean did. The kitchen table was piled with Christmas decorations and it was lunch time. As we sat there munching our sandwiches, Sean noticed the string of snowmen lights. He pointed to them and kept calling, "snowman, snowman." So I picked one up and in my best snowman voice I said, "Hi Sean, how are you?" Well, Sean's eyes just lit right up like a, well like a Christmas tree. He was absolutely delighted that the snowman was talking to him. He quickly answered and said, "I'm good." And Sean and Mr.Snowman proceeded to have a lovely conversation. Covering topics such as what Sean was having for lunch, what did he do that day and what was he going to do next. It was soooo cute.

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