Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pregnancy Update and Other News

So today I had another fun filled prenatal check-up. It was a pretty standard check-up. Everything looks great, I'm fine, the baby is fine so all is well in pregnancy land. And in case your are wondering the baby's heart rate is 160. According to some old wives tales that means its a girl but according to other old wives tales it means its a boy but according to science it doesn't mean a thing...besides the fact that the baby's heart is in fact beating. Apparently a normal heart rate for a fetus (girl or boy) is anywhere between 120 and 160...So there you go.

After the appointment we went to Pizza Delight for supper to celebrate Marko's birthday (which is tomorrow). If you didn't know, PD has a great deal where if it's your birthday you get to eat free and that's just what Marko did! Sean enjoyed some chicken nuggets and would you believe that he didn't even have honey on them?!! Everything went really well. Sean was well behaved, must say it was handy to have that tv situated in such a spot as to keep him entertained the entire time. But then came time to go, Marko went to settle our bill and I got to the buisness of getting Sean ready to head to the car. We were in a booth, so I just slid Sean's booster seat to the end so that his legs dangled over the edge, while I reached over to opposite bench to grab his coat and scarf...did I mention that he was still strapped in? Oh and he was a might bit wiggly...Yeah, do you see where this is going? Poor guy had no idea what was coming as he leaned over too far over and he and his seat made a bee line for the floor. I felt horrible. I quicky scooped him up and unbuckled him and gave him lots of hugs and reassurances. Thankfully it didn't take him long to get over it and get all bundled up to head home! Phew!

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