Monday, November 12, 2007

So Whose Child Is He Anyways?!

1) He loves his bath time...definetly my son.
2) He loves peanut butter...definetly our son.
3) He loves peanut butter and chocolate together...most certainly Marko's son.
4) He absolutely LOVES peas!!......Say WHAT??!! Where did this come from? Neither Marko or I even like peas.

I'll eat them if they're on my plate but I certainly wouldn't voluntarily put them there. Marko wouldn't even eat them if they were on his plate. But Sean, he has a completely different outlook on the whole eating of peas! The way he eats them you would think they were THE most delicious thing to ever stuff in one's gob!

I still prepare veggies for Sean ahead of time. I like being able to pop open the freezer, throw a couple cubes of frozen veggies in a dish, zap 'em and give em to Sean. This way I know he's getting nutritious meals every time. Anyhoo, today I was doing up some peas for him and just as I was plopping them into the ice cube tray he came bounding over hoping to glean a few peas...Yeah, so he ate like half a trayful of peas!! It was pretty near lunch time anyways, but I have to say I was amazed at how many he managed to pack away!


Sarah said...

This is funny. Brayden is the exact same way with peas and cheese. When he sees either he goes nuts and has to have them RIGHT NOW!!

Amanda Weed said...

Speaking as a pea lover myself, I must say that enjoying peas shows very high intelligence indeed....

Anonymous said...

I like my peas so maybe Sean is his Grammie's boy.

Grammie Peric