Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Today is Marko's Birthday!!

Yippeee my sweet hubby is 32 today! I made him a chocolate cake from scratch with a cream cheese frosting! It is only now that I am glad that I don't have a camera as this cake is not exactly all that esthetically pleasing. I'm hoping that what it lacks in presentation it will more than make up for in chocolately goodness!! I'm also making him a delicious chicken dinner with all the fixin's! Party time at the Perics!! YeeHaw we love to eat us some good food on our birthdays!! :)

My 32 reasons why Marko is an amazing man/husband/father

1) He loves the Lord with all his heart and all his soul and all his mind
2) He loves me even with all my faults, he still loves me...can you believe it?! What a guy!
3) He loves his sweet son to bits!
4) He is an amazing leader for our family
5) He is a great provider
6) He makes me laugh when I feel like crying
7) He gives the best hugs and kisses on the planet!
8) He cares about his friends very deeply.
9) He's a great singer!
10) He makes the best towers out of blocks for Sean to knock down
11) He gives the best back rubs!
12) He is a great listener
13) He still opens the car door for me!
14) He tells me I'm beautiful even when I feel like crap.
15) He gets up early in the morning to look after Sean while I take a shower.
16) He asks me what he can do to help even after coming home from a long day at work
17) He will take Sean outside to play so I can have a rest
18) He encourages me in my walk with the Lord
19) He knows how to help me with any computer type problems I might have
20) He makes everyday seem special
21) He is just so darn smart!
22) He loves to hold my hand any chance he gets!
23) He has a great sense of humour
24) He is faithful to his Lord, his family, his friends and his work
25) He is quick to apologize and forgive
26) He loves to learn new things
27) He is eager to take on new challenges
28) He blesses Sean and I every day
29) He is a great Bible study leader
30) He is my best friend
31) He loves the food I make for him!
32) He makes me want to be a better person just by who he is!

Happy Birthday Marko, I love you sooooooo very much!


Anonymous said...

WOW! That was lovely Laura! I must add one more to the list of roles Marko plays so well - He is a wonderful Brother as well.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Marko. I would also like to add that he is a fantastic person in general. I learned so much from him during our work time together and am so grateful for all his help.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely Laura . I must say he is a wonderful son and I am proud to be his mom.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura, how nice, I am so very proud of you. Happy Birthday to Marko, we are so happy to have him as our Son in Law. He is our favourite Son in Law.