Monday, November 19, 2007

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Yes, tomorrow brings about the first of several every 2 weeks prenatal appointments. Yippee! And this time I won't be seeing my regular doctor I'll be seeing Dr.Knickle.

Tonight Sean had some interesting reasons why we should tuck him back into bed...the first time he definetly needed socks on. The second time he wanted his socks fixed. Seems they got a little bunched up. Third and final time he wanted his shirt fixed. Somehow his shirt got horribly bunched up..right under his chin. He actually came out with his shirt all pushed up under his chin...he wouldn't look up for fear the shirt would right itself without Mommy or Daddy there to help!! Too funny.

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Sarah said...

Good luck at your dr appointment today. I had Dr.Knickle, and he is wonderful. Hope you are feeling good and the baby is great. That is a cute story about Sean too, the joys of not wanting to go to bed. Pretty creative with his procrastination!