Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Wonderful Sunday Spent With Family

The Perics had a decidedly relaxed and most enjoyable day today. I was afraid I was coming down with a cold and Sean has had a bit of a runny nose for awhile so we decided to stay home from church and just relax and drink lots of liquids through the morning.

After Sean's nap we headed over to Grammie Isabel's for an amazing time of eating and gabbing! Many of you may be wondering whose Grammie this is well, she's mine..well kinda...Really she's Jennie's Grammie. When I first landed on the Island Jennie was pretty much the first person I met. I had just moved into MCC and she knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to hang out!! I couldn't believe my good fortune! We were instant friends. And being instant friends we were pretty near attached at the hip. If you saw one of us the other couldn't be far behind. Manys of times I would go with Jennie to her home and her Grammie's home and just generally hangout with her family to the point that I just became another sister/daughter/grand-daughter/niece.

But enough about how we became family, it was wonderful to spend the afternoon with them again. They had an amazing spread all set out. A turkey, two types of dressing, a roast and lotsa potatoes and veggies...Marko and I ate so much that we weren't even hungry at supper time. And oh, there was apple pie, cherry pie and ice cream for dessert! YUM!! Sean really enjoyed the ice cream, Ann got him a bowl and sat down with him to feed it to him..such service!! What I think Sean really enjoyed was all the people! He loved playing with Zack and pretending to be a train with him and he loved when Steven would pick him up and dangle him in the air. I loved just being there, watching Sean play and just relaxing with my extended family..

And would you believe I even have pictures for your enjoyment!!
From left to right: Zoey, Zack, Steven and the happiest boy on earth, Sean....Now I know it looks like Steven isn't the happiest of campers but the kids just love him and he loves them too!

Great Auntie Linda, Steven and Sean sharing some laughs!

What a smile!!

Isn't she just the sweetest?!

Having good times!

And then we put him to work...He looks impressed eh?!

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