Sunday, December 30, 2007

Learning From Monkey George

Sean loves his Monkey George and barely goes a day without watching an episode. His most recent favourite episode (besides the bowling one, he really likes that one) is one about George pretending to be a robot. So now Sean is pretending to be a robot.

This is Sean and his robot hands!

Isn't he cute?!

I love this picture. This is Sean's favourite way to play with Daddy. Don't you just love Sean's camo pants? That was a Christmas gift from Auntie Linda.

Tonight at bed time Sean was super sweet. After reading his story and before pray time he decided he wanted to "see" Mommy and laid his head on my belly and was content to just stay there while Daddy prayed. That is until Daddy suggested to him to give Mommy's belly a zerbert. Not only did I get one zerbert, I got many and this pleased Sean to no end!

Surprise Baby Shower!!

And was I ever surprised!! You'd woulda thought that I would clue in when Karen was blowing up pink and light blue balloons...but I didn't. I thought we were just getting together to hang out, eat lots more yummy food and laugh a lot. All of which we did but we also had a baby shower. Many thanks to Tammy, Jennie and Karen (oh and Doug too). I had a lot of fun and am quite pleased to have the newborn diapers and other gifts to get us off on the right foot with baby # 2. Oh and thank you for all the name ideas, Marko and I certainly have a lot to think about with that! :)

I do have pictures and videos to post but it's late! And I need to go to bed. Nighty night!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Enjoying Our Christmas Vacation

With Marko still off from work (He'll be home for next week too :) we've been able to enjoy spending time as a family playing and going out.

Last night we went over to friend's of ours and had a wonderful evening just talking and laughing. Sean actually managed to sleep in their play pen over there! Although it take a bit of coaxing at first to get him to stay down.

Today I had another doctor's appointment. Nothing too interesting to report. I don't think this baby is ready to come out any time soon...Sigh, seems like this one might like to stick around later than their due date just like their big brother! After the appointment Marko and I got our hair cut and then we went to DQ for lunch. It was very nice and a relaxing time for a family outing.

Now we're looking forward to having all our friend's over for New Year's Eve. Can't wait!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Boxing Day

So, remember how I said the other day was going to be my last day of work for my oldies? Yeah, well apparently I lied, cause I worked today and I'll be working for them tomorrow. They're having a tough time trying to find someone else and the gentleman is a little under the weather at the moment. The work isn't too hard or for too long so it's okay with me.

Sean seems to be taking a new interest in the potty. For the past three evenings, right after bath he has peed in the potty. And today when Daddy went to the bathroom Sean wanted to too. So when Daddy was done we went in and he peed again! He's so funny. He'll go, then stand up and turn around and look right into the pot to see what he made!! Although he's far from toilet trained I'll take this as a step in the right direction!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hope Everyone is Having a Wonderful Christmas!

So are you stuffed full of chocolate and other yummy goodies?! I know I sure am...whoa what a shock to the system!!

We had a very lovely little Christmas here at the Peric household. Sean let us sleep in until 8 and then we were all up checking out what we got in our stockings! I got a new pair of slippers which I'm super excited about since my old ones were pretty much falling apart at the seams. Sean got lots of treats, including a 12 pack of boxes of raisins!! Yummmmy! Marko got a multi tool which he has been wanting for quite some time. And I have to say it took a lot of looking to finally find that one that he liked so much but even better was the fact that it was on sale for half price!! I love me a bargain!!

After our stockings we jumped right into the presents. I'd have to say that Sean's favourite gift was the Diego truck that Gramma Hope got him. He played and played and played with it, pretty near all day! After brunch we tried to put Sean down for a nap but by that time he had had quite a few chocolates and he was much more in a party mood than a sleeping mood.

For lunch we were invited over to Grammie Isabel's. And what a lovely time we had there. There were more very much appreciated gifts and oh, my word the food!! YUMMMMMMY! It was really nice to be with family today. (I think I may have mentioned this before, but Grammie is my best friend Jennie's Grammie and ever since we got to being friends her whole family has pretty much adopted me so yeah, we're family! :)

After lunch we decided to just go for a drive in the country which quickly put Sean to sleep. He had a good little nap and we had a lovely little drive.

We did get to talk with my folks and Marko's mom and sister which was also wonderful. We're sorry we missed Marko's Dad's phone call, but just know that we miss you all very much and hope you all had a great Christmas!

Digging in his stocking.

The truck of great amusement.

Check out the plane that came with it.

This is Sean in Marko's new Calgary Flames toque.

Merry Christmas Blooper

Merry Christmas from the Perics

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Frenzy

Ahhh, the fun of Christmas Eve! Getting things all set for the big day and for the evening service at church.

We had pizza cassarole for supper which was super yummy. (Thanks Mom!!) Sean had cassarole and yogurt. He proceeded to massage the yogurt into his hair so he was dumped into the tub pretty quickly after supper! We got him all dressed up and oh my, what a cute little man he is!!

He did really well during the service at church. My favourite part was standing up with him between Marko and I. (he was standing on the pew) We both held a hand and sang O Holy Night. Every now and then I would look down at him. And I tell you, it pretty well melted my heart to look down into those big blue eyes! Such a sweetie. He did get pretty wiggly and vocal by the end so he and I went to the fireside room for the rest of the service.

"I'm building a tower Mommy!!"

I just thought this was a super sweet picture!

Daddy the jungle gym.

Double deuce action!
Look out Chrismas tree!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Eve of Christmas Eve

I can hardly believe that Christmas is almost here!! Yippeee! I did my last minute shopping and was totally surprised by how painless it was. There were hardly any lines and I got pretty near everything I wanted to get. I'm so happy that Marko is on vacation now and doesn't have to go to work tomorrow, heres to just enjoying each day together as a family.

Today at church a friend who hadn't met Sean before described him as gorgeous. So when we got home I asked Sean who was gorgeous... and with the cutest little smile he looked right at Marko and said, "Daddy gorgeous!" So sweet.

For a special treat on Christmas Eve be sure to stop by here for some special Peric Christmas Cheer!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sean Sayings...

This boy is just too cute for his own good. Quite often I'll look over at Sean and start making kissy faces at him and he being the sweet little boy that he is, will indulge me and come right over so I plant my kisses on his cute little face. This morning wasn't quite what I had hoped. I made lots of kissy faces and Sean looked up, balled up his little fists, furrowed his brows and in his most autoritative voice said, "NO KISSING!!" I couldn't help but laugh. And I was glad that the no kissing time didn't last long. I got lots of hugs and kisses before heading out to work.

Another fun saying Sean has caught on to is the phrase "maybe not" You can just imagine when he pulls this one out...."Sean it's time to change your diaper..." "Maybe not." "Sean it's time to clean up toys..." "Maybe not." And the list goes on and on. And while he'll say this he still cooperates with us for the most part. :)

This evening was pretty funny too. I had just gotten home from work and was lying down on the couch when Sean grabbed Daddy by the fingers and dragged him into the kitchen. And there he proceeded to go around in circles singing Ring Around the Rosie and of course ending with a big fall down! So cute, it got funnier when instead of falling down he just kept Daddy going in circles! Daddy was mighty happy to finally sit down after that!

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Christmas Time!!

Today officially marks (for us anyways) the beginning of Christmas time! Today was Marko's last day at work until the new year! YAY!!!

Sean and I spent the day baking cookies and bread and we even ventured outside for a little while. I work tomorrow and probably for the last time until who knows when if ever again for my oldies. I enjoy my work with the oldies but I'm not sure that I'd be able to swing the whole newborn plus toddler plus job where I have to get babysitting and what-not. I'm sure I'll be busy enough with my two little ones.

My favourite part about Christmas morning is opening my stocking... ever since I was little that was like THE reason for getting up early Christmas morning! It was such a rush to make that mad dash down the stairs to the stocking and dump the entire contents out and squeal with glee!! As a little girl the next best part was then rushing into mom and dad's room to show and tell them about all the cool stuff that was in my stocking. Dad was always totally impressed with my haul while mom seemed like she could use a few more winks of sleep...hmmmmmmm...

While Santa won't have much of a role in our house, we're definetly keeping the stockings! I fill Marko's, he fills mine and we both fill Sean's stocking. Another fun tradition which I'm sure a lot of you share as well, is the giving of a Christmas ornament each year. It's always fun to try and find a sweet little ornament for each family member.

The taste tester of the raisins for our raisin cookies...Looks like serious business!!

This is fun work, Mommy!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Look Who Went Potty Today!

Pretty cute eh? So, brown puppy had to go potty today. Do you know where else brown puppy had to go today? You guessed it, brown puppy went to the washing machine and is now happily hanging by the ears in the laundry room. While his tag said that he was washing machine friendly we weren't taking any chances on the dryer.

Today was also a day for another doctors appointment for me. It went well. Nothing exciting to report. My doctor hadn't heard anything back about the ultrasound, but was going to have his nurse call and if there was anything there that he didn't like, well then I'd be hearing from him.

Sean really does love his nap. Today after about an hour of sleep, he got up, found Daddy and took him by the hand and led him back into his room. Once they were both settled on his big boy bed, he requested a prayer before drifting back to sleep. How cute is that? I was working with my oldies at the time so I missed out on this ultra cuteness.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guess I Should Take the Hint

It was nap time and I was enjoying the quiet time by reading. Usually when I read I like to relax and let my hair down...literally. I pull the hair out the pony tail that it's usually in and then sit contendedly just twirling some of it around my fingers as I flip pages. I was happily reading and twirling away when Sean awoke from his nap. I put down my book and looked up expectantly just waitng for Sean's sweet face to pop into the room. I didn't have to wait long, he came barreling in and stopped short. His sweet smile quickly turned upside down and began to quiver, just as he let out a little whimper. He looked up at me, pointed and said in a most quiet and pitiful voice, "Mommy bwush hair."

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And the Bedtime Saga Continues...

So while we thought we had Sean all figured out, it turns out we didn't. He kept up the jumping out of bed thing for quite some time last night. And then around 2 am he started up again, thankfully just up a couple times. So Marko did some research and it looks like maybe we were spending too much time talking to him and making things all dramatic as 2 year olds seem to love. So tonight we tried yet another tactic to get this outta bed experience under control. Every time he gets up, I meet him at the door, say nothing, take his hand and plunk him back into bed. No fanfare, no lecture, nothing but boring redundancy. He did trot out a few more times, but definetly a lot less than last night. And I must say, I feel a lot better about this method than all the talking and lecturing we have been doing in the past. So here's hoping we've found a cure or at the very least a viable way to curb his tendency to get out of bed.

Here are some super cute pictures of our master artist!!

"So, yeah markers are good but crayons are really where it's at!!"

"I must be THE happiest boy on the planet!!"

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Fun of Snow Storms

With all the snow and wind and what-not, Marko managed to land a day off work. While things were pretty good here in town, out Panmure way it was a much different story. They got a lot more snow and wind and downed trees not to mention the power outage. Without power theres not much sense in Marko going to work.

In the morning we went to the mall for a bit of shopping which ended in a minor meltdown for Sean. It was not pretty but we all survived! Then this afternoon we had visitors. Jennie came over as did Bonnie, Abby and Hannah.

Abby and Sean had an absolute blast just chasing each other about and playing in Sean's ball tent. And they both mentioned that they were going to Cyprus today. Marko was trying to get some work done from home on his computer when the two of them stopped by his desk to inform him of their plans. Sean looked up at him with a bag over his shoulder and said, "I go to Cyprus!" and Abby without missing a beat, pipped right up and said, "I go to Cyprus too!!" And the two of them went for the door, which is as far as they got before deciding to chase each other instead.

As you may have noticed there aren't any pictures with the most recent posts, we're having some camera technical issues which we are in the process of working out so hopefully we'll soon have pictures back up once again.

I also thought that I would mention that if there is anyone out there that may have a prediction for the Peric baby pool and for one reason or another are unable to post a comment with their guess, feel free to email me your thoughts. My address is lauraperic AT gmail DOT com. I had heard that some people were not able to post a regular comment so I hope this helps.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

So the snow just keeps a coming! We're expecting like tons of the white stuff, followed up with some ice pellets and then finished up with lotsa rain!! Really great stuff.

Today we were able to get out enjoy the snow before it turns into mush. We went sledding with Brian, Bonnie and Abby. Sean and Abby had a blast. They went down in one sled together. This was Sean's first real time sledding and he loved it! He was even squealing on the way down the hill.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friends and Fun

On Friday Bonnie, Abby and Hannah came for a visit and the kids had a blast and Bonnie and I had a delightful visit. Sean and Abby had lots of kisses for each other as seen here:

Such a cute little couple don't you think?!

Friday evening my good friend Amanda came over from the mainland and we had a wonderful visit. I hadn't seen her in over a year so we had lots n lots to yak about. I hope it doesn't take another year to pass to have another visit.

This morning before work, Sean and I were playing in the living room and I asked Sean where Mommy was going today and he said, "vwork." So, I asked "Who does Mommy work for?" He says, "Eva!" Later as he was playing with his little people, he turned to me and told me that they were going to work. "Ah, and who do they work for?" I asked. "EVA!" So, yes my oldie has an army of little people working for her now!

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Ultrasound...

went well. We are definetly having a baby, and it will definetly be showing up in the near future!! So yay for new information eh?! We did get a weight on the baby though, it is currently 6 pounds 6 ounces. Yipeee. I thought that maybe at this appointment it would be easier to make body parts out, but not so much. Did see an ear, some toes and fingers and the heart beating and the tongue. So that was cool.

As far as I can tell everything is going great. But I guess we'll know more at the next doctor's appointment which is on Thursday morning.

Contests A Comin!!

*** This post will remain at the top of the blog until December 14. So to read new posts just scroll down***

Yessireee, it is time for more contest fun and the best part about this contest is that it's a bit of a two in one type deal.

My first big reason for a contest is that I'm quickly approaching a major milestone for this blog. Soon, the visitor count for this blog will be...drum roll please...10,000!!! Can you believe it?!! So in order to celebrate I thought a little contest would be in order. I would like to honour the 10,000th visitor with a little gift, like one of the prints I offered in my first giveaway. Now, the only way for me to know just who will be my 10,000th visitor will be if you leave a comment and I can sync up the time of your comment with the time of the 10,000th visit.

Now, that means that it is most beneficial for you to leave a comment every time you happen to pop by the ol' blog. So you may be wondering just what you should comment about... this is where the second contest comes in. Remember the post about the Peric Baby Pool? Well, you now have only 2 weeks to get your predictions in. So if you haven't already, this is a great time to get your ideas in and possibly land the spot of being Visitor Ten Thousand!! What could be better?! But, if you have already posted your guesses then a possible comment may take the form of well, just about anything. Post a question about whatever you want to ask or just send a happy hello or even a disgruntled hello will do... You name it, just post it!

Just as a reminder for the Peric Baby Pool, you'll want to include in your predictions the following:
1) The date and time
2) The weight
3) The gender
4) Name choices
5) New blog title

I should say that number 4 and 5 are optional. I'm just really looking for inspiration for those two.

So Good Luck everyone and have fun!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We May Just Have to Put the Sled Away for Awhile...

After many afternoons spent pulling Sean around in his sled my body has finally said "STOP, you crazy pregnant woman!! For the love of Christmas, please stop the insanity!!" Oh, how my legs throbbed and hips and bones and things generally let their displeasure of my recent activities be known. You would have laughed at how I hobbled about the apartment just to get simple things done...and oh how many times I would let out a wee little "mercy, oh mercy.." I'm feeling much better this evening and mostly attribute that to not going out in the snow today. Sean and I managed a fun day inside making bread and playing blocks. And when I say making bread I really mean dumping the ingredients into the bread machine and letting it do all the hard work!

Speaking of hard work as of late Sean has been making bed time seem like a lot of work. For the longest time, we would take him in his room, get him all snuggled in, sing to him and off to dream land he would go with nary a peep. But lately that just hasn't been the case. The boy is up and out of bed faster than a Jack in the Box. While I love my little boy, I do not love having him get up again and again and again, when I know that he needs his sleep.

Marko and I had tried everything, we would go back in sing more songs, say more prayers and generally just reassure change, he still got out of bed grining like the cheshire cat! So we tried being firm, just plunking him back into bed with barely a word said and maybe a quick spank to drive the point home...Again no difference, it was still worth it for him to get out of bed again.

Bit by bit we kept cutting things out, like instead of picking him up and taking him back in, we let him walk to bed himself, then made him climb into bed and STILL he thought it was a great game. But finally tonight I think we figured out what Sean enjoyed having us do so much that he would get up again and again to have us do it...It's all about the tucking him in. So this time we didn't do it, and boy did he howl. He got up one more time, I met him at the threshold and told him to go back to bed. He reluctantly went back in. I told him to grab his blankets and cover himself up and so he did and that was the end of that. Phew!

Don't ya just love the forced smile?!

"Just givin' a shout out to my peeps!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lotsa News

Let's see where to start... Well, I had another doctor's appointment this morning at 9:30 am...I didn't actually see the doctor until 20 to 11!! So crazy. The appointment itself wasn't too major. Apparently I'm not gaining much weight and my belly isn't measuring what it's supposed to be so just to be on the safe side he's ordering another ultrasound. Not sure when that will be yet and then my next doctor's appointment is next Thursday. As far as the pregnancy goes for me, it's going great. I feel great most days and feel the baby moving about a lot. Although I must say this one seems to be quite a bit more relaxed than Sean was.

Lately Sean has taken a renewed interest in the potty. I can claim no credit for it. I haven't really mentioned it to him or anything. Then last night and tonight right after his bath he has insisted that he needs to use the potty. While last night provided no real results, this evening Sean peed in the potty!! WOW! And he seemed quite pleased with the whole idea. So pleased that really wanted to try to poop too. And while he had a good go at air flow nothing solid showed up. But still I was impressed that he has decided to try this whole potty thing out again! Here's hoping it sticks!

And would you believe that I actually have pictures on this post that came off of my very own camera?!! How super cool is that! Thank you Auntie Karina for the camera! It's awesome!

Sitting on the sled pondering the snow.

Marching about.

This snow stuff is pretty fun!

Monday, December 10, 2007

So, I've Been Thinking...

Thinking that it's high time I did something. While I love our apartment and the whole open concept of it all, the ceramic tiles in the kitchen have become the bane of my existance!! Well, perhaps it also has to do with my apparently perpetually greasy fingers and the whole gravity thing too. As you may have guessed, I have lost yet another piece of dinnerware to my unforgiving kitchen floor. And in my haste to clean up the many pieces of what used to be a nice little tea cup, I managed to cut myself...twice. It was not one of my more shining moments to say the least!

And that's when I got to thinking, thinking that I should just get it over with in one foul swoop. Why not?!! Just gather up every single glass, cup, plate, bowl, serving platter, essentially any smashable thing I own and just throw every single last bit of it at the floor at one time!! I could save myself the agony of losing one dish at a time. And then just invest in a much more practical dinnerware set made entirely of plastic!! I'm sure I could pick up some really fine pieces at any of our local Dollar stores!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

More Pictures From the Party

Today was a pretty laid back day. I think Daddy had a bit too much cake and wasn't feeling the best this morning so it was just Sean and I off to church this morning. This afternoon we went and visited Marko's grandmother. Upon arriving at her place it was apparent that she already had guests. It was Marko's Aunt Josephine, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Isabel. It was wonderful to visit with them all! Sean had a really great time playing with Auntie Isabel, she really knew how to play with his little people!! :) After our visit we headed to the best light show in Charlottetown! It's a family's home who have put up lights and have music that the lights light up to. All you do is pull up in front of their place, tune in to their radio station and enjoy the ingenuity of the creator. Sean LOVED it, he was laughing and pointing and just having a great time watching the light show. So, if you live in Charlottetown you definetly have to check this out!

And now in no particular order more pictures from the party.

Getting down to business...

Apparently I make a really good chair for Abby! :)

If I had known how much a set of Duplo blocks brought such sweet joy to her heart I would have bought my mother her own set a long time ago!!

"Grama, are you making stuff up or what?"

Tearing into his gifts.

Just about his most favourite toy, a motorized Thomas train.

The'll notice the candles are already blown out, he didn't bother to wait till the end of the song.

More good times with Thomas and Grampa.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finally the Birthday Party!!!

We had a really great time today! The sun was shining and the boats were floating across the Strait! My folks came at noon and unloaded the car of all its goodies. Sean was sleeping when they first got in but it didn't take him long to get up and greet all his special guests. He played shy at first but quickly got into the swing of things. We had lunch and then the rest of our guests arrived and the real fun began!

Sean actually ripped into his presents with some help from Mommy. He really likes his new desk and chair. Gramma Hope even painted Thomas and Monkey George on it! He got some Duplo blocks, a Thomas train and a couple books about Thomas, clothes and a couple CDs. He was a pretty happy guy!

He was excited about the cake and even managed to blow out his candles himself! I stripped him down to eat the cake but probably could have left him in his shirt. He was much more interested in his toys then the cake.

Thank you everyone who made it to the party, it was great to have you here. Thanks Mom, Dad and Karina for making the big trek across the Strait. It was so great to have you all here with us if for only a little while.

And now for some pictures!!

Fresh up from his nap and getting ready to play!

Cheers to the birthday boy!

Sean and his new to him desk. This used to be mine when I was little.

Play time!!

Reading with Grampa Hope

In case you were wondering what my belly looks unflattering.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hope and Pray...

that the weather holds and that the boat will run tomorrow!! We're all set yet again to have Sean's birthday party and it looks like the weather may cooperate this time. It's just supposed to rain in the morning and then clear up! Soooo looking forward to having family and friends over for lots of fun and cake!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Auntie Karina

It is a tradition in the Hope house to call your relatives on their birthday and sing them Happy Birthday. Mom and Dad (and I think Karina was on the phone too) called yesterday and sang Happy Birthday to Sean...while he was in the tub!! You should have seen his expression! He stood right up and listened expectantly, full of smiles! I should also mention that Auntie Linda and Grammie Peric also called and sang Happy Birthday to Sean. At least they caught him with more than just his birthday suit on!!

Today Sean and I called Auntie Karina to extend her this time honoured tradition. I put the phone on speaker and began went something like this:
Mommy: Happy Birthday to...
Sean (quiet little voice): you
Mommy: Happy Birthday to...
Sean (a bit bolder): Sean
Mommy: Happy Birthday dear Auntie Ka..
Sean: Linda
Mommy: Happy Birthday to...
Sean: you...
Sean (in the cutest cookie monster type voice): Now blow out your candles!!!

Too funny!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Big TWO

To get the day off with a bang, we began by giving Sean his presents. We gave him a talking cowboy, specifically Woody from Toy Story. Grammie Peric gave him a really sweet outfit (which he looks super adorable in) and a gift certificate for Walmart (which I made good use of this evening!) Sean was pleased with his gifts but what really thrilled him the most was having chocolate cake for breakfast! (Hey, if Bill Cosby can get away with it then why the heck not us?!)

I should have really thought about the ingredients that I put in the cake before giving such a big piece to Sean. The recipe calls for a cup of hot coffee! Yeah, so the boy was wired for the morning...I had a very, very, very hard time trying to get him to go down for his nap.

This afternoon we went outside to play in the snow. Sean got a new pair of winter boots from Marko's Nanny, so it was time to try them out. On our way out, Gerry mentioned that there were some sleds downstairs we could use. He went down and brought out an old timey type sled. It's wooden with two runners, and a curved back and a long handle with which to pull it around. Sean loved the sled...well really, he loved having me pull him all around the yard in the sled. Boys oh boys did I get my exercise today!!

And do you know what really bugs me?! The fact that they have shelf upon shelf of girl's dress shoes and not even one shelf for boy dress shoes at Walmart!! I was thoroughly disappointed with their lack of selection in Sean's size. There were really only two pairs that I would consider even remotely dressy and even then they weren't all that great. I really wanted to get Sean a nice pair of black dress shoes, but it doesn't look like Walmart is the place to find them. So instead of getting shoes I bought some other nice things for Sean's birthday which I'll tell you about just as soon as my folks actually make it over here to celebrate his big day!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tomorrow is His Big Day

and tonight I'm baking him a cake. Yes, tomorrow Sean will officially be the big 2!! And how will we be celebrating this momentous event?! By eating cake for breakfast!! And I know what you're thinking, Wow, that Marko and Laura sure are stellar examples of the perfect parents!...What? You mean that wasn't what you were thinking? Oh well, better luck next time. After our breakfast of champions, we'll give Sean his present from us and the present from Grammie. I thought about doing this after Marko comes home from work but Sean is usually all ready for bed by that point.

In case you were wondering, my doctor's appointment went well yesterday. The baby is doing well and his/her head is down. The doctor still says that this one shouldn't be a 9 pounder. He said this one should be more average. So I'm cool with that. I'm feeling well, not too uncomfortable and still working for my oldies.

Today was a bit interesting as we got hit with a big ol snowstorm. It knocked out our power from 6:30 until 9. With the schools closed and being warned not to go on the roads, oh and the fact that Marko's work didn't have power either, Marko got the day off. We had a pretty lazy day as a family and it was really nice.

We Have a WINNER!!!

The 10,000th visitor has arrived!! Yipppeeee! And while that person did not comment, the next visitor (and our winner) to comment was none other than Sarah of All About Brayden. Congratulations Sarah!! To claim your prize just email me at lauraperic (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks for participating and letting your wishes be known!! Hmmm Sophia you say, I'll have to think about that one for awhile!! :)

Monday, December 03, 2007

So Close, so Very Close

We are so close to coming to the 10,00th visitor!! So if you'd like to win, be sure to comment!! I'm loving the comments and predictions I've gotten so far!

Tonight was our church's Christmas banquet. We weren't all that sure that we were going to be able to make it but in the end our good friend Troy had a change of plans and was able to help us out by babysitting for us. We thought we had run Sean pretty hard through the day and when we left for the evening Sean seemed to be fast asleep. We figured Troy would have a pretty easy go of it. But no more than 15 minutes after we left, Sean got up. Now I would've thought that Sean would have freaked out a bit at seeing Troy there and not Mommy or Daddy, but ah, I guess he wasn't too troubled at all. In fact, he didn't even ask for us. He just took Troy to his room and showed him his toys, one by one. Troy put him to bed and moments later out he came. Apparently he kept that up for an hour. Finally though, Troy was able to get him to stay in bed! What a crash course in child care for Troy!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


I am soooo totally miffed with the weather this weekend. Because of it we weren't able to have a birthday party for Sean. :( and I was soooo looking forward to having my family and friends over for cake and ice cream and lots of fun! So now we're hoping and praying that next weekend will be much better!! Not sure what we'll do if it's not by that point.

Sean's actual birthday is on Wednesday so Marko and I will probably give him our gift and Grammie Peric's gift just to celebrate the actual day. I hadn't mentioned to Sean that Gramma, Grampa and Auntie Karina might be coming over just in case something might happen so he doesn't seem too upset about the whole thing. I, on the other hand, was just not myself. But I'm feeling better now and looking forward to the weekend.

Tomorrow is another doctor's appt so maybe I'll have something to share about the baby tomorrow.

Goodness and Mercy

Last night before tucking Sean into bed we went over Psalm 23. Marko and I will say so much and then Sean will fill in the blanks. He's gotten pretty good with this. But last night he threw in a bit of a twist, where normally we say, "Surely goodness and..." and Sean fills in with a robust "MERCY" he instead said..."Murphy!!" Both Marko and I got a good chuckle out of that.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Our First Big Snowfall

We have been hit with a major load of the white stuff. And while normally, I would be okay with it, maybe even excited about how Sean would enjoy it, I'm just not that thrilled with it. My folks weren't able to make it today and might not be able to come tomorrow. I'm praying that the weather will clear up tonight and that the winds will die down so that they can come tomorrow.

We did actually get outside today. We bundled Sean up in his snowpants and coat and we even managed to squish his feet into last years winter boots...what a struggle though. He really liked the snow and didn't want to come in even though Mommy and Daddy were freezing! Thankfully the lure of hot chocolate and an episode of Monkey George got him and us back inside where it was warm.