Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And the Bedtime Saga Continues...

So while we thought we had Sean all figured out, it turns out we didn't. He kept up the jumping out of bed thing for quite some time last night. And then around 2 am he started up again, thankfully just up a couple times. So Marko did some research and it looks like maybe we were spending too much time talking to him and making things all dramatic as 2 year olds seem to love. So tonight we tried yet another tactic to get this outta bed experience under control. Every time he gets up, I meet him at the door, say nothing, take his hand and plunk him back into bed. No fanfare, no lecture, nothing but boring redundancy. He did trot out a few more times, but definetly a lot less than last night. And I must say, I feel a lot better about this method than all the talking and lecturing we have been doing in the past. So here's hoping we've found a cure or at the very least a viable way to curb his tendency to get out of bed.

Here are some super cute pictures of our master artist!!

"So, yeah markers are good but crayons are really where it's at!!"

"I must be THE happiest boy on the planet!!"

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