Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Big TWO

To get the day off with a bang, we began by giving Sean his presents. We gave him a talking cowboy, specifically Woody from Toy Story. Grammie Peric gave him a really sweet outfit (which he looks super adorable in) and a gift certificate for Walmart (which I made good use of this evening!) Sean was pleased with his gifts but what really thrilled him the most was having chocolate cake for breakfast! (Hey, if Bill Cosby can get away with it then why the heck not us?!)

I should have really thought about the ingredients that I put in the cake before giving such a big piece to Sean. The recipe calls for a cup of hot coffee! Yeah, so the boy was wired for the morning...I had a very, very, very hard time trying to get him to go down for his nap.

This afternoon we went outside to play in the snow. Sean got a new pair of winter boots from Marko's Nanny, so it was time to try them out. On our way out, Gerry mentioned that there were some sleds downstairs we could use. He went down and brought out an old timey type sled. It's wooden with two runners, and a curved back and a long handle with which to pull it around. Sean loved the sled...well really, he loved having me pull him all around the yard in the sled. Boys oh boys did I get my exercise today!!

And do you know what really bugs me?! The fact that they have shelf upon shelf of girl's dress shoes and not even one shelf for boy dress shoes at Walmart!! I was thoroughly disappointed with their lack of selection in Sean's size. There were really only two pairs that I would consider even remotely dressy and even then they weren't all that great. I really wanted to get Sean a nice pair of black dress shoes, but it doesn't look like Walmart is the place to find them. So instead of getting shoes I bought some other nice things for Sean's birthday which I'll tell you about just as soon as my folks actually make it over here to celebrate his big day!

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