Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Frenzy

Ahhh, the fun of Christmas Eve! Getting things all set for the big day and for the evening service at church.

We had pizza cassarole for supper which was super yummy. (Thanks Mom!!) Sean had cassarole and yogurt. He proceeded to massage the yogurt into his hair so he was dumped into the tub pretty quickly after supper! We got him all dressed up and oh my, what a cute little man he is!!

He did really well during the service at church. My favourite part was standing up with him between Marko and I. (he was standing on the pew) We both held a hand and sang O Holy Night. Every now and then I would look down at him. And I tell you, it pretty well melted my heart to look down into those big blue eyes! Such a sweetie. He did get pretty wiggly and vocal by the end so he and I went to the fireside room for the rest of the service.

"I'm building a tower Mommy!!"

I just thought this was a super sweet picture!

Daddy the jungle gym.

Double deuce action!
Look out Chrismas tree!

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