Friday, December 14, 2007

Contests A Comin!!

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Yessireee, it is time for more contest fun and the best part about this contest is that it's a bit of a two in one type deal.

My first big reason for a contest is that I'm quickly approaching a major milestone for this blog. Soon, the visitor count for this blog will be...drum roll please...10,000!!! Can you believe it?!! So in order to celebrate I thought a little contest would be in order. I would like to honour the 10,000th visitor with a little gift, like one of the prints I offered in my first giveaway. Now, the only way for me to know just who will be my 10,000th visitor will be if you leave a comment and I can sync up the time of your comment with the time of the 10,000th visit.

Now, that means that it is most beneficial for you to leave a comment every time you happen to pop by the ol' blog. So you may be wondering just what you should comment about... this is where the second contest comes in. Remember the post about the Peric Baby Pool? Well, you now have only 2 weeks to get your predictions in. So if you haven't already, this is a great time to get your ideas in and possibly land the spot of being Visitor Ten Thousand!! What could be better?! But, if you have already posted your guesses then a possible comment may take the form of well, just about anything. Post a question about whatever you want to ask or just send a happy hello or even a disgruntled hello will do... You name it, just post it!

Just as a reminder for the Peric Baby Pool, you'll want to include in your predictions the following:
1) The date and time
2) The weight
3) The gender
4) Name choices
5) New blog title

I should say that number 4 and 5 are optional. I'm just really looking for inspiration for those two.

So Good Luck everyone and have fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Laura Peric: Here's my prediction on your new baby!

1. HE will be born on January 14th at 8:09pm. HE will weigh oh say 8lbs 10 ozs. HE shall be called (ha ha) Sylvanius George (kinda like Curious George so Sean will like his name - hee hee). So that's my prediction!
Tammy H.

Laura said...

I guess I should write my own predictions as well so lets see, I'll go with January 4 at 5:20 pm. I'm gonna say it's a girl weighing in at about 7 lbs 9 oz.

Anonymous said...

SHE will be born January 8th at 6:20am. SHE will weigh about 7lbs 6ozs. SHE will be named *smiles impishly* Katharina (to drive teachers nuts on the spelling!) And that's my prediction and I'm sticking to it!! LOL

Kim G said...

I already did this game, so I'll just make more name suggestions haha

Sarah said...

I have also put in my prediction, but I would like to add that I love the name Sophia for the girl that's on her way! :)

Bonnie said...

Okay Laura, I am finally ready to make my prediction, so here goes nothing.

Date and time: Jan. 9 at 2:30am
weight: 8 lbs 4oz.
gender: a beautiful little girl
Name: Shea(Irish meaning:learned)
so, Shea Hope Peric
Shana(Irish meaning:God is
so, Shana Hope Peric

Blog name: Bundles of Peric

So, there you have it.

Deda Peric said...

1. January 7 at 9:44pm
2. 8 lbs 2oz
3. Boy
4. Daniel and if it's a girl Lydia

Homsar said...

The baby'll be nine miles long, and weight a cup of coffee...


Anonymous said...

Hi Here is my new prediction as to the baby's weight 8 pounds 8 ounces. When I saw you last Sunday , Laura you did not look very big but then again you have 3 weeks left . All the baby does now is grow grow grow . Aunt Isabel

Anonymous said...

She will be born jan 16th 7 lbs 12 oz names i like are:


I like the name Lincoln for a boy, in case I'm wrong

Auntie Linda