Friday, December 28, 2007

Enjoying Our Christmas Vacation

With Marko still off from work (He'll be home for next week too :) we've been able to enjoy spending time as a family playing and going out.

Last night we went over to friend's of ours and had a wonderful evening just talking and laughing. Sean actually managed to sleep in their play pen over there! Although it take a bit of coaxing at first to get him to stay down.

Today I had another doctor's appointment. Nothing too interesting to report. I don't think this baby is ready to come out any time soon...Sigh, seems like this one might like to stick around later than their due date just like their big brother! After the appointment Marko and I got our hair cut and then we went to DQ for lunch. It was very nice and a relaxing time for a family outing.

Now we're looking forward to having all our friend's over for New Year's Eve. Can't wait!!

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Mary E said...

My theory (based on 3 babies, mine and one other) is that the later they are, the quicker they adapt and settle into a good routine. But definitely, being overdue sucks and you truly feel you will remain huge forever. Wouldn't that be...freakish!